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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Bye Spooky Season! Welcome Festive season! What I want to achieve untill the end of the year // BLOGMAS #1

Hello!! I had a huge desire to write something on the blog for a while now. But I decided to start on December 1st as it's BLOGMAS time.Yaaay! It makes me so excited. I literally spend half of my day watching Vlogmases on YouTube. Maybe it was more than a half of the day ... Oops! But now it really what inspires me and make my mood so much better. Tomorrow will be busier. But at least today I started blogging. It's an already amazing thing! I love blogging and always missing doing it when I was not blogging for quite a long time. I'm not promising to post every day. I will be doing it when I have a mood for it, when I have time, I feel good, and when I remember about it hehe. The maximum amount of blog posts I achieved during Blogmas were nearly 25 posts. This year my blog was disaster so I want to write many better quality posts during this time.
Also I remind that here where I live we celebrate Christmas on January 7th, 2 weeks later than most of countries so I'll be posting untill January 7th. Can't believe it! Seems so far away!
Here is my to-do list for December.
1. Decorate bedroom for holidays.And Decorate a Christmas tree! I was decorating for Halloween on October 2nd and kept for a month and I was so bored of it. As I keep Christmas decorations the whole January, if I'll decorate now, it will be 2 months of decorations. Pretty tiring I don't feel to decorate for now.
2. Visit Christmas market, the main city's Christmas tree. Take photos of illuminations. By the way, this will be a lot of new cool stuff, so can't wait to visit. I'm pretty sure today is the day of the opening of the Christmas tree but some things aren't finished so better to check it later. I hope to visit it not only one time.
3. To find perfect gifts to everyone. I think I become better with gifts every year. Every year I think how my last year gifts were not the best year. Also I have literally zero of gifts now but previous years by this time of the year I already had gifts at least ordered. 
4. To visit a dentist 3+ times this month to fix most of teeth with which I have problems. It's the thing I should do before buying gifts so I could know my budget for the holiday gifts. I need to find a dentist too because a dentist I was going to for half of my life is not working near where I live anymore. That's kinda scary to go to someone else. The last I visited a dentist in the end of May abd it was hurtful that I am still afraid to go to the dentist.
5. To take a photo for my new passport / to finish work with documents. As I turned 25 my previous passport is no valid anymore. Finally, I could get rid of my awful passport photo I took at 16. But I'm afraid the new photo will be be worse. Ugh. Whatever. How looks the photo in documents is not important.
6. Use more social media, work on my online store, write a lot of Blogmas posts.
7. Buy some new Christmas decorations.

What's your plans to the end of the year?

I didn't post my look for Halloween this year. It was exactly one month ago and November was so fast and I forgot to post it. 


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