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Saturday, May 1, 2021


April was fast. Time flies fast when you're sick and every day at home. The last two weeks I've been having problems with a throat and stomach, so it was pretty bad. But since yesterday it's getting better. So hopefully in like 2 days, I will be feeling normal and then I'll work on some of my goals. I'll share some of them in this post.
1. To have a great celebration of Easter with my family. I know most of you celebrated Easter a month ago, but this year in Ukraine Easter is on May 2nd, so it's tomorrow. Everything will start in the morning, so it's so clooose. I'm so excited! I've been cooking some tasty meals today, so it may be a good day.
2. Get well soon. I still should take pills and drink a lot of hot drinks to heal my throat. Usually, I have pain in my throat 1-3 days but now it has been nearly 2 weeks. That's crazy!
3. To go on walks 6 days of the week. It will be healthy for me because I'm sitting home a lot recently. 
4. Be more summer-ready. I want to take care a lot of my skin, teeth and my goal is actually to lose like 1-2 kg. It would be nice. I never really could lose weight, as I eat too many sweets and sit most of the day, but I'll try my best in May.
5. Go back to journalling for more productivity and relaxation.
6. To create some notebooks and new prints. Working on my online projects. Recently I've got an idea that it would be cool if I could create my own notebooks and then accidentally without searching for it I found out I can do it.
7. To make the first drawings in my sketchbook I bought in the summer and never used. I should train my drawing skills.

What the one thing you want to do before summer? Do you believe it's already the 5th month... like what the hell haha?



  1. Good luck on your goals! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. loved reading this! good luck on all of your goals for this month xx

    Molly xx