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Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Guys, I'm back to blogging. It was a weird year so I barely was writing here on the blog. I even stopped my monthly ''Braceface'' posts as I had a little bad experience with braces and, by the way, I'm not wearing braces anymore for a couple weeks. I tell about it and about many things that happened while I didn't blog. But, for now, for the first post, I want to participate in this festive TAG so I hope it will give me a little of the Christmas mood (and to you). I tag these bloggers so check their posts later too:

It's weird but this year we again had the first snow that is not melting until touching the ground on December 1st, on the first day of winter. What a magical coincidence! I took some photos before it's melted in the evening. Hope we have some more snow very soon. 
I even bought a Christmas Kinder Surprise to get some festive mood and got Santa in it. Maybe I'll be using it on the Christmas tree this year.

Christmas tree. Real or fake? Is Christmas tree a must-have for winter holidays and creating Christmas atmosphere or it's not necessary for you?

- Fake. Actually, I had a real tree only for one year. And it was hell. I mean my family was cleaning what was left from the tree for mooonths. Also, fake trees look more ''perfect'' and I kinda feel sad about real Christmas trees although I understand a seller was growing it especially for cutting and selling it.

Holiday drinks. Coca Cola, eggnog or hot chocolate? Or maybe something different? What you drink on Christmas?

- I've never tried eggnog. It's not popular to drink on Christmas. I usually drink sodas and a little of wine sometimes. My favorite advertisement was one with Coca Cola so I have associations that Coca Cola is the Christmas and New Year drink so I buy it on holidays sometimes.

What your own Christmas tradition?

- Big cleaning before holidays, big grocery shopping and planning meals. Watching a lot of TV (only time of the year I do it). Every Christmas Eve I visit my grandmother and basically spend 2 days there.

Snow or no snow? Is snow necessary for you to have a Christmas mood? Do you have snow in your town on the winter holidays?

- Snow, obviously! Recent winters were absolutely different from winters I had in my childhood. I guess it's because of a global warming and it's sad although I feel better in a warmer climate and when it's no ice on roads. But anyway I hope it will be snowy on Christmas (January 7th) and NYE. Usually, here we have a lot of snow on Christmas and in recent years we don't have snow or just a little on NYE.

Do you like to stay Home on Christmas or to travel during the winter holidays?

- One year I would love to celebrate in the west in the mountains (I've never been there 😢) and to celebrate abroad. I believe I can do it one day but until now I celebrated always at my grandma's home and my home.


Christmas fairy lights. Multicolor or warm white (yellow)?

- Actually, I like both. But the warm white one looks super cozy and better in most situations.

Your top 3 must-watch every Christmas?

-  Home alone 1, 2, and 3 haha. Okay, also Three wishes for Cinderella and Deck the halls. I watch the first two since childhood and Deck the halls more recently as Bridget Jones.

Ginger cookies or sugar cookies? Or you're not ''a cookie person''?

- I've never tried ginger cookies. But recently I bought a chocolate bar with a taste of a ginger cookie and it was so bad that I give it to my niece and nephew and they love it lol. Sugar cookies made by my grandma are the best all year round.

Do you prefer to watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas music on holidays?

- When I'm free I'm watching movies but when I'm busy cooking dinner or cleaning I listen to music or Christmas musicals.


Must-have meals on your festive dinner?

- Kutya (traditional mean here) is the main one. Everyone should eat it first before eating something else. Also a bunch of salads that were popular during many decades on winter holidays. I think I write recipes during my blogmases.


Do you wear ''ugly'' sweaters, fancy dresses, or pajamas?

-  To be honest, I pretty much don't care as I celebrate just with my family but I still want to look cute. This year I have my first ugly sweater so I think it will be perfect to wear this year as it's cozy and warm to wear.

An angel or a star as the decoration for the top of your Christmas tree? What looks better and cozier?

- I love angels all my life. They are super cute, but I prefer stars on the Christmas trees. It's more classy and elegant.


Decorate early or decorate on December 23?

- Earlier when I was a child I wanted to decorate early, but my sister was saying we should decorate just before New Year (we celebrate Christmas on January 7th). This year I want to already decorate. Probably I start tomorrow. But I want to do some DIY so it will take some time to decorate everything.

Do you celebrate New Year Eve?

- NYE is the main holiday for most people in Ukraine. It's huge here. I like New Year Eve days more than Christmas Eve days. It's might be a little shocking for some people hehe.

What the best thing about Christmas?

- I love how everyone is happy and kind to each other this day. I just love the vibes of this day.


  1. Thanks so much for tagging me! I will answer the questions in a blog post. I understand about taking a break from blogging. I am just getting going again, too, these past few months.

    1. So I'm not alone in it! Can't wait to check your post!

  2. Happy holidays and welcome back to blogging. I don't really do anything special for Christmas, I spend it with my partner, but if I wasn't doing that I just wouldn't do anything for it

    1. Spending it with partner seems cozy and romantic! I'm not doing anything special with my family too!

  3. Какой интересный тег) У нас тоже в первый день зимы пошёл снег, но быстро растаял) Я и фото сделать не успела.

    1. У нас тоже но этой ночью снова выпал и немного больше так что наверное этот постоит пару дней
      Какое интересное совпадение, зима прямо вовремя!

  4. This was a fun Christmas tag to read about. I like Christmas and NYE celebrations. Welcome back to blogging.

  5. Great Christmas questions! I definitely need to do a holiday tag closer to the holidays :)
    Jenna ♥
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