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Monday, February 4, 2019

What changed in my life in first month of the year

You won't believe me but I was trying to write this post since the end of January but days go too fast. I am into different things I do daily then I rest with a Korean show ''My daughter's men''. Check it out on Youtube. Soon I will be watching the recent 4th season, so it's really funny and sometimes sad show... Perfect! So, anyways, after all that around midnight I realize that I need to write a post, but I am too tired and had no photos to add, so meh. Hope in February I will be better at writing posts, but in this post I will share what happened
I started working on my social media better. It's important for a blogger. I even made my twitter account. My blogging tip number 1 is to make a twitter account, post blog post links and communicate with bloggers.
Restarted Japanese learning. Now I am on the same level I was in the end of September when I stopped to be active at studying. Because since then I forgot too many things with my tattoo classes I went to. It feels fun to study new language for me.
I failed at my workout challenge, at all. You will wonder that it's not because I am lazy, it because my legs don't like frosty weather. But this year it feels awful. Since yesterday I feel better, but still they are hurting around three weeks. It's hard to sit down, then it's hard to stand up. It got warmer, we don't have snow anymore, so I will try on this week to start to workout if I'll get better.
Time for better skin care. After I decided to get braces, I also decided to work hard on other things I don't like in me to feel more confident. One of these things is skin. I always get pimples and black heads. I have quite oily skin in some parts of my face, that's why. I bought bunch of skin care products. I decided to try new things. Now I don't try to dry all pimples and other stuff, I did a research and found out that should heal my skin with oils instead of it. Also I try to use mask a few times a week. Also I use a soup for face. It make my skin not too oily, but I use it only once in a few days not to dry my skin. Also changing pillow cases every few days is very important. In result, I almost don't get new pimples. Though I have scars from old one and it's my main skin problem. I need to drink more water for better result, I drink less than 1liter usually, it twice less than I need to so it can be one of reasons of bad skin.
And better teeth & gums care. As I am getting braces, before I heal my gums and teeth. I wish I did it before, so I had no need to do everything on this week. Yeah, tommorow I will heal two teeth and probably will delete one. Not sure, but will go to a dentist, for sure. I have an appoinment.
Though I love new sweet ming teeth whitening powder and ordered my favourite tooth brush from . Their pastes are amazing.

Back to tracking what I eat after holidays. I feel better when I know that didn't much food I shouldn't. In previuos post I was talking about an app I use for this. 
I read more. I meant I've just finished reading two books  in January, but I was almost read none since September, so it's still good. I read almost every night before I feel asleep and also this months I was spenting a lot of time in lines so definetely had time to read it. Hope February will be even better for it, cause I still want to read some winter-themed books.
I am trying to learn nail art. Just tried. But soon should to try to draw something. Just ordered from Aliexpress. They were super cheap, but still pretty and comfortable.

Did you start already something new in 2019?


  1. I haven't picked up on Japanese learning in a few years

  2. Nail art sounds interesting and really difficult for me. I'm terrible with my manicure.

  3. Teeth whitening is a good idea. How was your experience with Carbon Coco?

    Orthodontist In Chicago


  5. great sharing dear... I always support anything for the better...
    IG @grace_njio

  6. Wow, you did a lot! And I'm convinced even your workout will be possible when it is warmer again. All the best to you!
    xx Rena

  7. I should probably start paying more attention to my oral health.

  8. Hello,

    Lovely !



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