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Monday, February 11, 2019


I've posted these photos on Instagram already a few days ago. I decided to try this challenge just after I've heard about. Have no idea why it takes me so long time to post something on the blog. I think I lost my habbit to blog. Or it's just my lazziness.
Anyway, I just add caption from Instagram. Cause that's everything I wanted to be said.

I like that challenges like this one that make you to try new things. Otherwise I would never mix my sweatshirt with this net west under it or doing a little different hair. Though I like this mix of clothes, while hair is not comfortable at all, that's why on second photo it's a little bit ruined. Also it helped me to be a little more creative 😹. I don't have chain necklace as on Bratz picture so I did one from detail of my old bag. If not this challenge, I would never did it.
In my childhood Bratz were very popular. They kinda were ruling the world some times haha. When I was like 6 or 7 I remember that I went to a biggest toy shop in my town. Then I saw them...👑👑👑👑 Probably when I saw Bratz dolls for the first time in reality I had sparkles in my eyes. I think I looked like this - 😵 hehe. Pretty sure it was my last time seeing them, as well, cause it costed way more than my dolls. So I didn't ask my parents for this doll or even didn't tell about what I dreamt. Plus, I already had some other dolls, so everyone would say why you need more.
That's how Bratz stayed my pipe dream. Well, I could buy it now, but I don't think I need it now 😹. .
I can't be sure but I think Bratz influenced on my sense of style of makeup. These dolls were my first fashion crushes for sure. I was dreaming to dress like them as well. Though with help of Instagram I remembered it and decided to try it. 


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