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Sunday, January 6, 2019



 It's kinda hard to take pictures of falling snow, but I catched some fluffy snowlakes in this shot.
Same lights for Christmas and Halloween lol.
By the way I got a cactus and now I think I have addiction because a few more, there are so many cute ones. Mine became even fluffier since it became really cold outside.
For some weird reasons we have no light for two hours and I finally decided to watch DVD I found in a thrift store.
Turned out there is notb only movie, but also interview, quizes an more. Now I want all my favourite movies in DVD. That's pretty cool.
 Suuupriiise. Didn't expect to see a bear shaped chocolate in owl haha.
Also my nephew was enjoying to play with my jewelry. That's so sweet, not sure how he found my jewelry box.

And now I want to share with you reasons why I am not that excited about holidays this year. Although this year I noticed so much more people excited about it, like I see there are so much more decorated houses and shops than usually, so much more fireworks, so much more people walking with Christmas tree they just bought and all these social medial posts, most people I know definitely enjoy winter holidays.
What's about you?
I have some reasons why I don't have holiday spirit.

I was busy to the very end of the year and didn't finish all businesses and was ready to do more. This year was extremely busy for me. I was doing bunch of things almost everyday. In December I still needed to do paper job and to pass exams on tattoo classes.
I was really into things I was doing and when I was doing final things I needed to finish before holidays I was in mood to do more. I really hate to have unfinished businesses. And now after having first holidays I became pretty lazy. I have one perfect day for finishing some important things and I was doing nothing and next days was awful slippery roads and later weekend. Ah. I feel super lazy amd basically don't want to leave the house before it will be warm outside haha.

I started to prepare too early. That's another reason. Christmas market and tree in my town opened on December 1st. So on the next day I decided to decorate the house too. It's super early for Ukraine where all holidays in January. January is basically month of holidays.
In childhood we always with my sister were decorated in the end of December that feels more right.
Also in first days of December I spent like 5 days in the centre on Christmas market because that where I studied tattoo art. Then I felt super festive.

So just got tired of everything festive. Like since Halloween ended everything was in Christmas lights. Like the whole city. So I kinda had Christmas mood in November.

 Merry Christmas everyone who celebrate Christmas Eve today as I do, at this time, I preparing table and cook some dishes, almost ready for my family who will come today. Must be nice evening and tommporow should be fun as well.
Tommorow I will write final Blogmas post. I think better to have Christmas eve and Christmas day together.


  1. I haven't seen any of the Bridgett Jones movies.

  2. Oh, I understand now why you are not excited about the holidays this year ... Hopefully next year it will be better!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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