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Thursday, January 3, 2019


Today I again had struggle with editing photos. How annoying it is when you almost finished editing and something goes wrong and photos delete.
Actually my second day of the year was pretty calm, as I was planning I just was trying to take care of my health and to feel better. Well, I feel better, but now I don't know if it's effect of pills or I really will feel better. I hope so, cause I have no time to be ill and should heal my gums and teeth before getting braces. 
By the way, about goals for the day, although most of the day I spent at house of my sister, playing with kids while eating pizza, I sucessfully did them all except of workout, just forgot about this one. I reminded about this late in the night and was gonna to find some yoga exercises in fintess apps I have on my app, but found nothing what I could before to go sleep and basically fell asleep while searching for it. For the next day I have the same goals, so no need to write it.
Also I want to talk how I plan to blog after this week of Blogmas.

Firstly I want to TAKE IT MORE SERIOUS. Want to impove the blog in all possible ways. I try to be a better blogger since this year.
A LOT OF FITNESS AND HEALTH POSTS. I want to make healthy lifestyle tob one of my main priorities since this year. I was doing pretty good in spring, but after death of my brother, losing best friend and another very important human for me I really gave up this summer. But better start again late than never.
POSTS ON BECOMING BETTER VERSION OF YOU OUTSIDE AND INSIDE. I want to talk about some my beauty experieces and lessons from my favourite books for example.
MORE BOOKS AND MOVIES REVIEWS. Except of recent days when I watching Christmas movies I watched just few movies this year, same with books. It's hard to read book and to be focused on story in a book, while you have too many problems in your own story.
TIPS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND BLOGGING. I see you love it to read, I love to write. Hope we together could improve our social media this year.
CHALLENGES. This year I want to try new things, improve myself, so I want to take some interesting challenges, you will see what I mean in near future. Maybe you will try with me.
TO SPEAK ABOUT IMPORTANT TOPICS FOR ME. There are lot of topics I never taked about that I really important for me. I'm excited about this one the most.

What's your blogging plans for this year?


  1. Replies
    1. that one of my new year's gifts I got for my niece, but wear it for photos, so thanks

  2. I love you in your cute Christmas style! Happy blogging in 2019!
    Happy New Year!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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