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Saturday, January 5, 2019



Hey guys, sorry that didn't write post yesterday as planned. I didn't forget, just had calm days, I was healing, feel so much better, I think I won't continue to be sick. At least, I hope. So nothing to write about although I had a lot of plans but as I felt bad that was impossible to do. And bad things are that now I could do it only after Christmas that will be in two days, by the way, but hope I can do everything on the next week. I already got a messege from clinic where I will put braces, they asked me if I did everything haha. I did nothing. Any way one decides nothing so whatever.
So instead of writing lifestyle posts I will write about lessons that we get every year. These are mine.

I LEARNT A LOT ABOUT POWER OF THOUGHTS AND LAW OF ATTRACTION. I was really into it in spring and things were really working, I kinda forget about it this depressing summer, but still this year I learnt so much more about this. I just need periodically remind about this to myself.

I LEARNT A LOT OF COOL WORKOUT EXERCISES. That was another thing I was really into it. Again especially in spring haha. Now when I finally feel healthy after month of being sick I really want to do it again. I really inspired to workout as often as it's possible.

LEARNT TO COUNT CALORIES I EAT A DAY. Some people say it's what you shouldn't care about, but I find it's very healthy habbit to keep yourself healthy and fit. I don't count exact amount of calories but now when I know how much I should eat to not to gain weight. I just know approximately how much calories I ate. And guys I was suprised that actually I eat more calories then I should and that's why I gained weight the last year... I mean in 2017. I was actually shook about hidden calories in drinks and how much calories only one cookie may have. So yeah, I think it's cool to know how to keep yourself healthy.

IMPROVED MY DRAWING SKILLS. As I was going to tattoo class I needed to draw pretty a lot. So I really see progress, although my teacher didn't really taught how to draw better, I learnt it alone just because I was drawing so much more than usually like once in months.

ART OF TATTOO. So yeah. It's something is that absolutely new for me, although I really liked tattoos all my life and recent 5 years I was very into tattoo art I basically knew nothing, so I learnt bunch of it all on tattoo classes. 

I LEARNT A LITTLE OF JAPANESE. I don't think I mentioned this on blog, but yeah, I'm learning japanese since May I think. Really was into it all summer, but in autumn as you know I needed to be more in tattooing, so I really forgot a lot of things, but since 2019 started I remind things I forgot everyday.
If you're interested why I started to learn japanese, it's pretty the same why I started to learn English really hard around 5 years ago. I just really like japanese music, shows, culture and I was wondering how hard to learn language that is so different from all I knew and I know Ukrainian, English and Russian, if you wonder haha.

So let's just talk about think I will be working on this year and I really hope I will learn it.

Drawing. Yes, I said I improved my drawing skills, but in 2018 I just only understand that's possible to learn how to draw better and actually I was not drawing that much, just only in forst part of tattoo classes, that was like one month, so... I really will try to draw more this year, will try to draw harder drawing, to work on shades and little details.

Nail art. I already ordered my first nail art brushes kit, excited to get. It's like of the ways to improve my drawing as well. And I just want to be abled to have pretty nails when I want without spenting all money on nail art master as many people around me do.

To improve my tattooing skills. I just should buy a tattoo machine and other stuff and start.

To learn japanese and english.

Cooking. That's my goal for every year, but I never do it, because I don't really care about cooking, but let's maybe I will learn new recipes this year.

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