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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Cat Who Came for Christmas ⠇BLOGMAS 6&7

I was resting on Christmas and and two days from blogging. Actually I was very busy and next days will be busy. I'm gonna spent a lot of my time in hospitals to take some health tests and heal my teeth as well. For tomorrow I am gonna be visiting around 6 doctors. And it's all in the morning, ah. Definetely not my favorite to do in the morning 😪 .
By the way, do you remember lately I was telling books I want to read this winter? Well, it seems one story from book happened to me this Christmas. One random cat really came to our house for Christmas. At my grandmother's house. Cat spent whole Christmas with us, we fed her well. Turned out this cat lives in a little dog house around my grandma's house. But it's really cold there. Hope somebody take her home. I with my mom really liked this cat, maybe we would take her , but it seems that this cat not is the calmest, and she was always jumping on a table and a stove. We don't want problems, you know.
So Christmas we spent at my grandma's place and whole Christmas we celebrate it home with my grandma and my sister with her kids as always.
These days were really awesome and I really got Christmas spirit for these two days. That what I needed before these crazy days. Now I want it back. Or summer. That's -10 C d. everyday, very cold. There is no way that in these cold days someone want to leave their houses. But I should quicly to do all my businesses. Faster I'll do it, faster I'll ger braces.
Any way, I think it was the best Christmas eve. For now I'm inspired to start to read The Cat Who Came For Christmas. That's I will be doing now. Then I should sleep good, because morning is going to be crazy. By the way, I know there's saying that of a cat visited your house on Christmas you'll get new friends and love. As it happened at my grandmother's house, that's pretty funny.


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