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Saturday, January 19, 2019


Hey guys, long time no see, I had busy days. I will tell what I am doing later, today I want to talk about my experience on tattoo classes I finished a month ago. I believe that the last photo with diplomas was taken on December 18, so yeah, it was the last time I was in a tattoo shop where I spent more than 2 months of my life. Felt like longest two months ever. I was no really allowed to be on my phone why I was study there, so I have just few photos. Pity I have no my best work on fake skin and one tattoo on a a model. I didn't take pictures of that because I needed to clean my place first and when I finished, model was gone and coudn't take pictures, same with other works, I was just a student and needed to do what my teacher was saying.  Kinda sad I had no tattoo portfolio. One of the cons of my experince in tattoo studying. But first, photos.
Classic old scool bird on a fake skin. My first and last yet colorful tattoo I was done. I was told that actually that it's pretty rare that clients want colorful tattoos in their tattoo shop. Weird. I prefer colorful tattoos.
Before tattooing, you should make a picture with a help of copy paper, pen and picture of tattoo a client wants.
I was practicing on fake skin around 5 times before I was tattooing a reakl person.

I had two models. First tattoo on first photo you hardly can see was a branch, second as you can see was tattoo of sunset in mountaints with branch as well. Brances are very popular in tattooing, although I prefer flowers on branches, not only leaves. But I never decided what tattoos I will do, my teacher was doing it.
One of cons I am really sad about. Some of students have really cool works, but I have no task to make them, so okay I just did what I could.
Also when directors will need workers they will decide who they want to work with, depends on their works and mine like little and just line works, so I think basically have no chance to get a job there.

Selfie in the tattoo shop while a teacher don't see haha.
My teacher. Really glad she was my teacher. She was kind to me.
Though I was dissapointed in some ways as well. Because when I was deciding if to go to classes or not, I've read that techers have 10 and more years of experience in tattooing, while in reality my teacher just few months older than me and was working as a tattoo artist since spring.
And another dissapointment was that other teachers were giving harder and prettier work to their students. That's what I wanted too.
Actually I was really enjoying to spent my time there. I really all workers in a shop.I have pretty close relationships with everyone there. I felt like they are my friends. Well almost everyone was my age, from 21 to 24, and we have similar interest so yeah, it was cool. I would miss it really hard if I had time haha.
Kinda miss that atmosphere in the tattoo shop.
I was in group with 17 years old guy, btw, he was old friend of our teacher and sometimes it was making me feel like I am not good enough when teacher was comparing. As an emotional person, one day made me even cry. Nobody saw this, but I really could not keep my tears. That was the most dramatic day, but then I decided that I should just do my work and don't mind not objective criticism.
Most of days were fun. I was not becoming really tired. I felt like I love what I was doing so it was okay.
First month we were just teaching how to clean the place and how important it is. I was suprised thart we spent so much just on it, but I feel like it's right thing, you should always remember that health of client is the main thing in this work.
Then I was just practicing drawing. Nobody was teaching how to draw actually. I was suprised, cause I thought I will learn some drawing tricks, but no, I was just drawing a lot and my drawing skill improved so much just because of it.
Then we were learning about needles, paints, how to set a tattoo machine. It took me three lessons to remember it. Now I feel like it's easy and have no idea why I was struggling with it on the start. Then we learning about products we should use, we were learning how to use copy paper with what I had promlems, and again, now I have no ide why it's pretty easy. And then we had a banana, fake skin and real people in the end. Sounds weird, like they are victims haha.
That's pretty much everything though actually it's hard to tell  everything, cause I spent too much time there. Maybe I will do another part, if I will have something interesting to tell.


  1. I would be too nervous to be a tattoo artist. Good for you though.

    1. I am nervous when I start, 5 minutes later I become relaxed.


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