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Monday, October 15, 2018

20 Blogtober blog post ideas | What happened?

HELLO GUYS !<3 I really did missing you! I was just going to write everyday posts in October (Blogtober) and dissapeared. It was happening with a few times before. After decidening that I am going to be active, my laptop stop working. Now I hope I will get a new one soon, cause I don't see a point to rehab my old laptop every month, cause it definitely can't work longer, plus, it's too expensive for me to do again, as I invested my money in classes. I will tell you about this in one of my future posts. But it was wanted during 5 years and was going to do since the winter, so I'm happy about it.
By the way, maybe I'll get my new laptop today, but if not, it will pretty long time. Any way, when one day my laptop turned on, I realized it's probably just for one day and edited photos, and then uplouded them to blog drafts, so I definitely have some high quality to post, but I can't wait already to uploud photos with pumpkins and autumnal trees I took yesterday in the village. I just need a computer for this.
So anyways if you blog in October (not like I do) maybe you wouldn't mind some ideas for you posts.

  1. Recipe of your favourite seasonal meal. 
  2. DIY fall / Halloween house decoration.
  3. Stylish fall outfit ideas.
  4. Fall makeup look tutorial.
  5. Any of fall tags ( you can find them on my blog).
  6. Halloween nails ideas.
  7. Ideas for little family / friends Halloween party, like food, activitors, decor...
  8. Top posts on your blog of last autumn.
  9. How to get rid of falltime sadness.
  10. How to have a fun day if even it's a grey rainy day.
  11. DIY of pet's Halloween costumes.
  12. List of funniest pet's costumes on Halloween.
  13. Easy DIYs to do together with kids.
  14. Sweater collection.
  15. Fall accessories collection.
  16. Best fall activities.
  17. Tips how to stay healthy in the fall 
  18. Recipes with murshroom and why we should eat them more.
  19. The best apps of fall.
  20. How to create fall of your dreams.


  1. All of them are great ideas. Having fun in a rainy day is a very good topic.

  2. These are really great topics.


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