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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Hello guuuuys. I always wonder when I realize the last post I posted was a week ago. Like is it really the time to post a new post... I mean the time when you needed to post a new post already a few days ago? I even didn't have to post something.
Okay, today I want to write the post that wanted to write in October, because it's kinda Halloweeny. But it's never to early for Halloween, because I like everything Halloween themed all year long. I have bat lights in my bedroom, you know. By the way, in October I'll try as as I can to post every single day. I know many bloggers are going to do it. Let me know if you too.

- Things you associate with autumn. I don't want to very predictable with yellow leaves, pumpkins, hot drinks and you know that all. Firstly, colors like mustard, burgundy, dark green, black and nails with clothes of these colors. Secondly, food like pies.... Apple pie, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie. By the way, two days ago I've tried the pumpkin latte for the fist time, so now I definitely associate autumn with it. Also I associate photography with fall. I think it's the best time to take pictures. And it's season of new starts, learning something new and trying achieve goals you was lazy for in summer.
- Dream Halloween costume. I really would like to see myself in look of Alice (from Wonderland, obviously) and corpse bride, though it's hard one.
- Spooky autumn or cozy autumn? I don't like spooky. I'm person who is scared of everything and that even don't want horror movies. So cozy autumn for sure.
- Fall activity you'd like to try? Picnic in forest, photoshoot with fall leaves and watching movies, cause this year I forgot movies exist. Also I tried to convince my family to have picnic in forest, but everybody was lazy, so we just did in the park. I took some photos I'll show in the next post.
- Ghoul, ghost, or monster? I would prefer a vampire or a witch, but, oh okay, a ghost.
- Favorite animated spooky film? The nightmare before Christmas, Corpse bride, Casper, ParaNorman, Momsters. Inc, Hotel Transylvania and Frankenweenie is a recent one.
- Gore, supernatural, or thriller? Oh no. The most scariest things I watch are these cartoons above.
-something you're excited to wear this fall? - Song that reminds you of autumn? Every song of Marilyn Menson.
- Would you prefer your arms or legs to be chilly? Hm, better legs.
- Favorite thing to do in a graveyard? I was there the last time a few years ago. 2 or 3. Actually, it's a good place to think. Also in Ukraine on Easter holidays we eat there. So can my answer to be to eat chocolate eggs? I feel awkward.
- Ever been on a supernatural tour? Yes, in my sister's previous flat.
- Favorite autumn leaf? The main one. Maple. Especially when they are bright pink. By the way, yesterday I found yellow slightly pink leaves, I was very excited because of that, so I took picture, I'll show you later haha.
- What is your favorite fall food? Pies, corn, chocolate, cause it doesn't melt anymore, hot chocolate and cappuccino as drinks. Pizza and sushi rolls for any season is my one love.
-Favorite fall makeup look? Dark or red lips and smokey eyes (black and silver, brown and cream, orange or green one as well).
- The sound of falling rain or a crackling fireplace? Rain. Especially, at night.


  1. You seem pretty fitting for an Alice in Wonderland. At least my mental image of Alice.

    1. Ah cool! I kinda think it too, that my hair / face will be fitting for Alice dress and accessories.

  2. I prefer cozy autumn too but I love Halloween!


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