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Sunday, September 23, 2018


I thought it will be fun to answer at questions from Family TAG in this post in addition to the photos I took a few days ago. When I with my parents and family of my sister had little picnic. I think some of these questions are funny and it nice to answer them. 

  1. If you were born first, what was your reaction to your new sibling(s)? I have only one sister that older than me (9 years 2 months difference), but as she have 7 years old daughter and I was in my early teenage years only when she was born and they lived with me for some time. I can say that it's pretty the same as I would have a little sister. My reaction was very good , but I hated when she was crying at nights and that I needed to spent too much time on it to help my sister.
  2. What is the one thing that your sibling can do, that you can’t do? I can say about everyone, they all cook and I don't. I'm youngest in family and there rarely were needs to cook to me. Everytime I tried to cook, everyone says I only ruin meals, so yeah...
  3. Who cooks good food? Mom or dad? My sister and grandnmother, actually. Sorry, mom.
  4. What is your sibling’s favorite food nowadays? Pizza, always. Now, this season we do pumpkin pies and puncakes as well. 
  5. Who is the most creative among you? Me and my sister in our own ways... although my grandmother is very creative as well. She had many creative jobs during 50 years of work.
  6. If your sibling could, what’s one movie that they would watch forever? There are some old Ukrainian movies my parents always watch, also we watch Home Alone around Christmas.
  7. What is one personality trait that your sibling has that you wished you had? I can't give straight answer, but if I wanted something, I would work at it.
  8. What is the weirdest habit your sibling has? My father when he come home says ''Welcome'', although I'm who was at home. 
  9. Which one of you is daddy’s boy/girl? Me, only me. My sister is closer to mom. Just dad wanted to have a boy as second child and it didn't happen, so I was kinda his son haha.
  10. What is your father’s date of birth? If you're interested 14th of December 1965. He's only person who hadn't birthday this year yet.
  11. Who is more likely to date someone based on their appearance? My mom, she decided to date my father because his hair. Ah good he has a good hair, if he hadn't, there wasn't me and this blog. I mean I'm who believe in souls and previous live, so I was just in another life.
  12. If you got called that your sibling was in jail, what would be the first crime that comes to your mind? If it was my dad, I thought he could do something not very good to some ''big'' people, cause he doesn't care about how much money and power a person has, my mom with my grandma would probably steal some fruits from a tree for cooking, sister could have a fight with someone and I because I could sign documents without reading, as I did in winter and now have a little problem with it.
  13. If you move away from your siblings, what will you miss most? My grandma's baking (she live in my neighborhood).
  14. If you had children which one of your siblings would you trust to look after them? Mom and grandma... and wouldn't trust myself with kids haha.
  15. What is one thing that has changed about your sibling as they have grown older? She stopped to act like she's my mom. There were not a good time for our relationships. Good we are grown up now.
  16. Who is the most money-conscious sibling? My grandma, if on the other side of the city a bread a few cents cheaper she'll come there. She's just bored and love to walk;)
  17. If your family life was a movie, which actor/actress will play their role? If there was mix of Tom Hanks and Johny Depp, it would my dad, Helena Bonham Carter as my mom, because they're both weird and Helena can play anybody, as my sister I see mix of Keira Knightley and Scarlet Johansson. And I'm not sure what actress looks kinda like me, they all way too pretty... Maybe mix of Mila Kunis and Emma Watson haha. I don't know.
  18. Who is most mature among you siblings? Grandma and nobody else haha.
  19. Which of you is the funniest? Maybe my mom. She loves jokes and to laugh.
  20. Who is the one who is always ready for food? Daaaad.
  21. Which one of you got married first? My mom was 18, dad was 20, my grandma was 21 and my sister was 22. For me all these ages are way too early to get married.
  22. Which one of you is the laziest? Probably me, sometimes mom, sometimes dad in our own way.
  23. If your sibling was a country, what country would it be? Dad is South Africa or something, cause he always have dark tan, my sister I imagine as Germany, mom is probably Poland, myself I see as USA cause pop culture, movies, social media, English language from west influenced me since my childhood.
  24. Who is most likely to join army? My dad was in, before he got married to my mom.
  25. Who do you thing will eventually end up in jail among you people? My dad could be friends with most of people there, but would have enemies as well, so there would be fights, my mom would tell jokes to everyone, my sister would probably escape, I would be very polite to everyone not to get into a trouble.
  26. Do you believe your father actually loves your mother? 31 years later... I think so.
  27. Who is more scary when angry, mom or dad? Mom, cause mom decides haha.


  1. Your kids are adorable. Beautiful family.

    1. Ah no no, they are not mine. Do I look that old to have 7 years old daughter? Haha

  2. In America, it's very common for Dads to be closer to their daughters. Not as much of the "we must have a son" stigma here.

    1. Really? Never really heard of it. Maybe it happens here as well... not sure.

  3. My family is really short because I don't have brothers nor sisters so I'm with my mum and dad alone!

    1. I was dreaming about not having anybody. There were too much bad moments with my sister whjen I was little.

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