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Friday, September 28, 2018


Before written part of the post, I wanted to share with you photos I took in a botanique garden that near my house. It was taken a few days ago when it still was hot. Don't be confused by my outfit. I was a freak that day. Most of people were wearing t-shirts and my friend as well. So we seemed weird together. But I wanted already autumnal photos so I tried to create fall vibes with my outfit and some photoediting, but for sure, that days still had 100% summer vibes. Can't wait for October and real autumn nature time. I already have ideas for photos for that time.

 And then my camera's battery died because I didn't charge it before photoshoot. Fun fact is that my camera and phone's camera both are 13 mpx, but quality is very different.

October this year is month of finishing old businesses and starting new ones (another reason why I'm exited for October). So I definitely want to blog was one of these. I want will to try change something. 
DESIGN. I'm really tired of my header and kinda of my wallpapers, though probably nobody see them. I probably will change for just white color and still not sure what I should with my header. I want to have something my photo on as main page, because I don't have photos of myself in every post and I want readers know who writes posts here. I would love to trade this for a painting or maybe soon I'll took nice autumn photo, so it will be look good for winter as well.
SPECIFIC THEMES IN SPECIFIC DAYS. Or maybe without specific days, because to write something the same every week is too much for me, cause I don't blog that often yet and don't want that my blog will turn about one certain subject only. But you know what I mean? Story times, My Instagram this week / month (this one I find boring and it's advertisement of your Instagram page, but it's just example), Links I loved... By the way, I had ''HOT or NOT'' posts, maybe I should bring them back?
WRITING ABOUT THING I NEVER WROTE ABOUT BEFORE. Writing about subjects I never talked about here on the blog. There are many things.
TO IMPROVE MY WRITING AND LANGUAGE SKILLS. English is my third language and although I watch and read in English everyday, I often have times when I'm not sure if it's right to write like this or don't know word I want to use.
TO WRITE LIFESTYLE POSTS SOMETIMES AS I WAS DOING A WHILE AGO. I'm missing them. Plus, I said it before that I'm that person that remember things because of photos. So I would love to write some posts just for me. Maybe nobody would care, but it could be nice if some people will find it interesting too.
TO WRITE MORE POSTS THAT WILL BE USEFUL FOR MOST OF READERS OF THE BLOG. I really want to start write posts with tips for you guys. I know you liked posts with beauty tips / secrets, so maybe I should do something like that again when I will have enough of information.
TO WRITE MY FOOD RECIPES. I was saying it before, but we will , if you will like it or not.
TO WRITE POSTS SPORT, DIETS (NOT THE BAD ''DIETS'', JUST ABOUT HEALTHY FOOD) AND LOSING WEIGHT. It's one of my main goals now, so I will share it with you.
TO WRITE MORE POSTS ABOUT MANIFESTING. This year I manifested some things. Good and bad and I want to share my experience with you,
TO TAKE MORE PHOTOS FOR THE BLOG. I'll try to do as many photos as I can before dirty grey rainy part of autumn. Well, then I will do photos at home.
TO WRITE MORE ART / DIY related posts. Cause as I said October will be month of new starts and art will be big part of it.
TO WRITE MORE DRAFTS. So I will always have ideas for something to talk with you guys,
TO BE READY FOR BLOGTOBER. I won't doing Blogmas this year, cause we already had Christmas this year in my country and I like Halloween and October, one of my favorite months.


  1. Your english has always been pretty good from what I have read.

    1. I want to improve it to level when I will always be sure if it's right or not what I wrote.
      Thank youuu! <3


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