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Wednesday, January 6, 2021


                          Blogmas Day 22

Yaaay! It's Christmas Eve today in Ukraine! I was waiting for it for 5 days. Literally couldn't wait after a New Year. Christmas is coming and it means it's time to end Blogmas. I guess I'll do two more winter holidays - themed posts and we will move on. 24 posts is a good number. I've never could write so many posts in the previous years.

Do you remember in my previous post with resolutions I was telling how buying clothes pieces and being more active are 2 of my main goals now? If it's your goals for 2021 too I can help you. Since January I'm going to find clothing pieces from my dream closet. Now for me (and for many people), low price is important but good quality is not less important because if the quality is bad you will use the clothing piece for a very small amount of time and it's 1) bad for environment 2) you will pay more in the end if you will constantly be buying that. So I found a good alternative store called Lover-Beauty where you can find wholesale sportwear that is not really cute looking but very comfortable to wear during workouts, running and walking. I literally need at least one!

Also, there are a huge choice of cheap women clothes. Price is less than in thrift stores. Many clothing pieces I liked nearly 5 dollars and two-piece jumpsuits are nearly 10 dollars.

There is huge choice of Lover-Beauty wholesale sportwear you should totally check!

Here 2 of my favorites:

Sportwear set number 1 HERE

Sportwear set number 2 HERE


Monday, January 4, 2021

16 realistic resolutions for January

Blogmas Day 21

New Year. Same resolutions.

My posts slowly switch from Christmas to New Year. But maybe I still will write like one Christmas post as here we celebrate Christmas later in January.
By the way, what do you think about New Year resolutions this year? I remember the last year many bloggers were writing like they don't have resolutions for 2020 because they don't come. I had a post on how I prefer monthly resolutions. Girlsss, we felt something. We know we shouldn't have resolutions and expectations for 2020.
For this year I have resolutions and goals, they are more like goals before my birthday. I turn 25.... I don't know how it happened, I swear I was like 18 a year ago. I'm so not ready! I should achieve like 200 goals before my birthday month (August) or I'll be depressed.

One of the reasons why our yearly resolutions fail is that we forget about them in March. I like to have monthly goals and to track them in a paper journal. I was doing it almost all months of 2020. Here are some of my January ones, I tried keep them realistic but still have quite a lot of them as this is January I feel inspired as never.
  1.  Zero sugar challenge. I had a goal for 2020 to have some sort of challenges every months but with all this corona situation I forgot about it. My first challenge will be no sugar in drinks, no chocolate and cookie etc, who with me will do it for 21-30 days? I start in the end of the month (January 20-21 I think). To do it now during holiday time is not realistic and stupid.
  2. To write all posts I have in drafts for awhile. While I'm having inspiration I should write as many as I can. See it's the second post in a day and I had blogged yesterday as well.
  3. To cut bangs. I'm not sure about it. But I was not changing in myself anything for a while and I really like these bangs that are popular among k-pop artists and Instagram influencers recently. It looks so good. I should watch some tutorials to not to make mistakes.
  4. To go back to Tik Tok. I was on and off there during 2020, but I have a ring light now, I should really to go back there and to try to film a few better quality videos. During 2020 I was getting comments on TT I have bad makeup, I didn't have other comments, only about that I had a bad makeup. But people were never saying what specifically they don't like, what I can improve. Maybe it's just my face haha. But seriously those comments were making me sad and confused.
  5. To exercise for 2 days a week. I know it's not a lot but I'm being realistic about starting exercises I'm lazy to do.
  6. To buy some dream closet clothes. I should go to my favorite thrift stores during this week.
  7. Good Christmas celebration on January 7.
  8. To heal gums, hair, and nails. Gosh, I want to grow long nails, finally, I'm having like 3 of long ones and other ones are quite short and it's happening all my life.
  9. To practice drawing. I already bought a new cute sketchbook on the New Year for inspiration to raw in a new year.
  10. To learn English\Japanese 4-5 days a week.
  11. To start using a planner \ tracker journal again. I was not doing it in November and in December but I love using it during the previous months of 2020.
  12. Read two books (or more if I want). Stephen King's one and Harry Potter I guess.
  13. Heal my skin. I started to have worse skin in 2020, not only on my face but like everywhere. What the hell.
  14. To increase the blog's DA to at least the same number it was before a new year. It dropped for 4 number in one day. Some tips? I already cleaned all the broken links.
  15. To walk 4-5 days a week with no destination while listening to podcasts (4500 steps minimum).
  16. To try Chloe Ting challenge. At least an easier version.

10 Reasons Why I like New Year more than CHRISTMAS

Blogmas Day 20

 I tried to write this post for two days but I'm having problems with photo editing, everything uploads so slowly and I can't save the results. It stinks! I tried Picsart and Pixlr. But any of them have the same problems, maybe it's just my computer.

Soooo I'm posting the raw photos without angle correction and color correction I wanted to do, I think they are quite good this way too. I want to go this place again soon to take more of better photos. I saw an incredible photo from this place and it inspired me.

These photos were taken on New Year Eve at midnight. Fun fact: I with my parents went to the center to see a Christmas market and the main Christmas tree 15 minutes before midnight, I thought we will meet the new year in a car but when we were in the target place, I went out the car and in the exact time I was doing it everyone started screaming, clapping, and fireworks were over the place. It was exact 00:00. Such good timing. So here are few photos from there, but I failed in photography but I'm gonna do it better in a few days. Maybe on Ukrainian Christmas.

You may be wondering why nobody was wearing face masks on those photos. I am with my family were wondering about this too. We were the only people who were wearing them. Even like 30 policemen that were there were not wearing it. Nobody was wearing masks... except 3 women were wearing cat-eye masks and one man was wearing a Santa Claus mask....
Maybe we somehow time-traveled to the past where nobody wore them. That was sooo weird!

Anyways here are finally reasons why I love the New Year so much:

1. That's just the biggest holiday in Ukraine and a favorite holiday for basically everyone. Even some religious people I know prefer New Year. Basically, everyone celebrates it, with all those events, fireworks it looks as the biggest and greatest day of the year.

2. New year, new inspiration. I know many people say there is no ''new year, new me'' and we stay the same. And I agree with them... kinda. But still everything in our hands, we can do what we want if... we want lol. After a new year, I feel such inspiration to do important businesses, to do art e.t.c.

3. Astrology. In the recent 2 years, I've been a little in astrology and started to notice how time and different dates influence us. I noticed how each year has a different energy. So I'm excited to see what energy 2021 will bring, hope it will be better than 2019 and 2020. I'm almost sure in it because I have so many plans.

4. The whole new year of new experiences and adventures. Just think of it. There is a lot of cool things that will happen this year for all of us in any case. How someone can not be excited about it?

5. In Ukraine a New Year is basically the same as Christmas is abroad. It's a family holiday (for most people but many celebrate with close friends as well).

6. Yes, that the holiday when we give each other gifts. Everyone buys gifts for New Year, not for Christmas. All advertisements scream to buy New Year gifts. Should I do my New Year gifts post?

7. We have foo we eat specifically on this day and I kinda miss the whole year. So it's exciting to finally eat them.

8. January has magic energy for sure. During this time I usually have vivid dreams that come true later this year. I'm having a dream about a big blue parrot for a few days now, it's weird! Also, this time has absolutely magical energy in all means. It feels like a fairytale sometimes.

9. Motivation to start everything you wanted but was not inspired to do it before. 

10. I'm not religious, so celebrating a new year makes more sense for me. I feel blamed when I celebrate Christmas while not believing in certain things this holiday is about.

Sunday, January 3, 2021


Blogmas day 19

I didn't expect the previous post to be the last post of 2020. The new year's preparations this year were too busy. Only today, days started to be almost normal, but it's only almost. I decided to write this mini-post at midnight because I'm planning some new year related posts and I even didn't show some little decorations I did for New Year. Do you decorate for NY?
That the little thing I wanted to talk about. Actually, basically, everyone in Ukraine more decorates for New Year than for Christmas. As I was mentioned in one of my previous posts we even call a Christmas tree ''a new year tree''. There is nothing special about new year's decorations though, they are like your usual Christmas ones.
By the way most people keep them to January 14 (the old date for New Year)... or at least until Christmas in January we celebrate a week earlier (one week later after a usual new year). Although there are lot of jokes in my country about how we keep decorations until spring (but some people do it without any jokes haha).
Almost every year I try to DIY some decorations. I didn't everything I was planning but I did two things:
1)Santa Claus drawing;
2)Christmas tree from fairy lights. Definitely won't do neither a Christmas tree neither other shapes with these fairy lights because nobody even can see it's a Christmas tree. So I failed even in this.


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

What I do on December 24-25 if I celebrate Christmas in January

 Blogmas Day 18

The main food for Christmas in Ukraine - Kutya (this one is made by my grandmother)

Guuuys. Hi!!! I'm so late, it was a while, I don't know what to do with Blogmas. Days before New Year are so busy. NYE is the biggest holiday here so I am going bunch of stuff. Tomorrow will be the day of cleaning, cooking, and taking care of myself so I won't be looking like a potato on NY haha.

So most of you (who have read any of my previous Blogmas posts) know I celebrate Christmas 13 days later after December 25. So what I do on December 24-25? Well, most people in Ukraine do nothing special on this day, it's a workday, almost everybody work or study on this date.
But my case is a little different. Since my childhood as I remember it my family always called the evening of December 24 ''a saint evening''. And we always celebrate it in the same way - we have a family dinner with my grandmother in her house. And go to her again (we all are basically neighbors with my family) on December 25 for brunch.
We usually have 12 meals for the evening. And, traditionally, we should start our dinner when it's already the first star showing in the sky. Also, we should try first Kutya before eating anything else. I almost have never eaten it in childhood bc it's grey and liquid as soups (I hated soups too) but actually, it's good and sweet. Ingredients can be different and it changes everything. Taste can be so different.
We don't have a boxing day... Pretty much, at all, in Ukraine, but I mean we don't give each other gifts in December. Traditionally, here in Ukraine we give each other gifts on New Year Eve or on the first day of the year, but recently my family exchange gifts on Christmas a week later after a NYE.
It's pretty much all about it... It also kinda to see how everyone already has Christmas and I should wait 2 weeks... But on the other side it's really cool to know that all the main holidays still in the future for you while it's over for other.

By the way!! Today I bought some food for New Year and half of the people on the street were with the Christmas trees. No, they were not throwing it away, they were BUYING IT! In Ukraine we don't say ''a Christmas tree'', we say ''a New Year''. So people continue buying trees and decorating. Maybe I should decorate mine too and it's not that late? Actually, it's a good time to do it in Ukraine.
I don't have a Christmas (New Year) tree this year (probably yet) but I decorated with some DIY (and not only), I'll show in the next post.
Do people in your country already throw Christmas tree away?

Haha I just realized there is a woman in glasses on the photo of my parrot. What the hell? How it's happened lol?