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Wednesday, October 6, 2021


 Hello guuuuys. I didn't write for a few day but hopefully I'll catch up with Blogoween. Probably I'll write a double post tomorrow or multiple posts in one day but for today I've got an idea to write this post.

I absolutely adore autumn. This is the most magical from all. October is specially beautiful. This year fall is a bit faster. Now in my town trees is half yellow. While fall is really incredible time of the year, for us, girls (and some guys) this season is somehow problematic.

1. A lot of rain - I still can not remember to get my umbrella because now in fall we always should be ready for pouring rain. That means not only makeup is ruined and it looks like I have Avril Lavinge style of makeup but if rain mixed with mascara gets in eyes, it feels like hell. Also hairstyle gets destroyed in a minute. Soaked clothes give problems the most of it. You can get sick because of it .


2. Wind - it can be sunny was m day but it's windy, it destroys everything. Yesterday weather was so good and warm but every 5 seconds wind literally was freezing me. Not to mention if you have long hair you like to wear straight, in windy you don't see where are you going. Wind is blocking my sight absolutely.


3. Foundation - situation: it's start of the autumn you do your usual makeup, everything seems fine. Then you go outside and look in the mirror in good-lighted room like in a supermarket and your face looks so much darker than my neck. And skin looks so uneven. It's pretty sucks than we need to buy a new foundation in colder season although we have 5 of summer foundation that will be definitely dry and expired untill the next summer.

4. Dry skin - skin on face and hands become so dry and needs in new products. Also if you do acrylic nails they ruins so fast in this type of weather. 


5. Everyday you have no idea what to wear - weather changes all the time. Like every hour. During one day you might wear a t-shirt and the warmest coat. Or cold wind in a hot day as yesterday make me feel so confused when I choose an outfit.

6. Autumn food - everytime I open social media I see photos of autumn special food and it makes so hungry and go to the supermarket to get fall food and barely find something. I was checking coffee shops a few times and they still don't have anything special for autumn but still have coconut 🥥 and  other tastes of different tropical fruits. Sounds summery AF. I now there are some autumn specials in the center of my town but the recent yar I'm trying to avoid public transportation. 


7. Autumn photosession - fall is definitely the best time for taking photos. There is no crazy bright sun with it's ugly shades on our face, no white snow that make brightness of the photo weird and no dirt and bold trees as in spring. But autumn has different problems. Like you can plan with your friends to take a photo if each other in the park in a few days. You go to the meeting and expect to see a lot of beautiful autumn-colored trees but when you come to the place you see ugly bold trees and grey sky.



Sunday, October 3, 2021


HELLO!!! How your October is so far? I wanted to write yesterday day 2 blogoween post but I thought it's okay to write it on October 3 too but then I forgot about it and it's 11 pm. I was about to go to bed because it's still so cold at home and all I want is to be below 4 blankets on my bed. But I thought well I can write a short post before doing. So here is it  - my fav things to do at home autumn edition.

 ❤️ PREPARING MY WARDROBE TO AUTUMN - actually, that is what I did on October 1. I hid my light tiny tops (most of them I didn't use even summer any way...maybe the next summer). I left t-shirts I still can wear with cardigans, now I see all my sweaters and I kinda see I have enough clothes for this colder season but I still want to visit a thrift store, although my last thrifting was so unsuccessful. I bought the pants that looked thjesame size as jeans of the right size but those are small and two sweaters I bought have some damage. I'll DIY one but I threw another one away. What a waste. Kinda feel bad about it.

❤️ Listening podcasts while doing cleaning or cooking - it makes long boring processes fun. I listen / watch H3 podcast for nearly a year now. The previous days I was listening It's always Halloween podcast. It puts me in the festive mood. Very recommended!

❤️ Bullet journaling - not only it's a creative process that makes me feel more relaxed but also it helps me stay motivated and be sure what I should do. I literally need to write in my journal posts for whole Blogoween. I'll do it tomorrow.

❤️ E-books - all books in your phone. One of the best things about the Internet.

❤️ Binge-watching whole series of movies - like I watched Harry Potter recently, now I started watching Marvel in chronological order.

What do you do at home his fall?

Bad quality because of the lighting but I couldn't not use this photo where I catched such a beautiful photo rainbow.

Friday, October 1, 2021


Hello, bats, hehe! I was excited about October since August or even maybe since July. It's hard to believe in the end of this month will Halloween. Feels like a previous one was not that long time ago. But it's been 11 months 😱. Anyways, I'm really happy that spooky season is here. So Blogtober month is here too, so Blogoween! This year I decided to call it Blogoween as this year I'm very excited about Halloween. If you don't know what it is. It's blogging challenge to write a new blog post everyday and usually these posts are fall or Halloween-themed. So let's try it! This month will quite busy. I need to heal/fix my teeth, make important businesses, work online, also this month I want to be more creative like finally start drawing in an album I bought the last year... I want to start take more photos and want to do fall things that just makes me happy. And adding to all this blogging everyday? It won't be an usual boring month!

🍁 31 blog ideas 🍁

  1. Autumn DIY decoration. Or even decoration for Halloween. Might be something simple and easy.
  2. 31-day drawing challenge. Or step-by-step autumn painting you can use as a home decor.
  3. Last minute Halloween outfit ideas.
  4. Autumn this or that tag. You can look for all questions on my blog.
  5. Thrift store finds for fall.
  6. Trendy outfit ideas for autumn.
  7. Trendy makeup step-by-step tutorial.
  8. Books you recommend to read in autumn.
  9. What to watch this autumn. New seasons of what show you'll continue watching.
  10. Creative photo ideas for fall.
  11. Favourite things about a golden season.
  12. Funny story from one of your previous Halloween (childhood Halloween story will be great for the post).
  13. Spookiest things that happened to you.
  14. How to spice up your Instagram this season.
  15. Horror movies to watch at Halloween.
  16. Spoopy movies to watch for ones who don't like horror (as me).
  17. How to celebrate Halloween at home.
  18. Halloween history (I was listening about this today and yesterday and so fascinated about this).
  19. Interesting facts about Halloween.
  20. Fun autumny things to do this month.
  21. List of quarantine-friendly Halloween activities.
  22. Cute ideas for Halloween-themed bullet journaling.
  23. Recipe for an autumn drink.
  24. Pumpkin pie or muffins recipe,
  25. Trendy colors this fall.
  26. How to have fun on a cold day at home.
  27. Fall manicure ideas.
  28. Halloween makeup tutorial.
  29. Halloween easy DIY snacks.
  30. Easy steps how to make this autumn unforgettable. 
  31. Take a break and have a fun this Halloween!

Sunday, September 19, 2021



Do you get mad at yourself because you was not productive for literally a few hours or even one day? Can relate! I've been this way and his summer when I was ill basically all the time I gave myself the ability to relax, not doing anything. Basically, I was trying to get better first. And now my schedule is all messed up. I gave myself probably way too much time and now it's kinda a problem to start over.

So here are some of my favorite things to do at home that make me feel quite productive.

Learning something new on  YouTube - that's a site where I spend most of my time. And this is going on for years, but with time my taste in videos change and a big part of the videos I choose to watch now are somehow useful or just videos that teach me something.


Fitness (or any suitable sport for home)  - the most comfortable way (at least for me) to do it is to choose any fitness app in an app store that shows exercises, has a timer and music that is good for the sport. This type of apps is really motivating!

Online courses - there are plenty of sites where you can learn many different subjects from a theory of music to astrology whatever you like or need to learn, recently, I've been learning things I'm interested in on the official web cite of Harward. Then I downloaded app EdX so this way I can study via phone too.

Deep cleaning - that's so refreshing and nice to be in a clean house. Also, slow cleaning is some sort of meditation for me. Really relaxing. Process and result.

Reading books - I know some people read only self-help books and find other books as a waste of time. I find all books in some way useful and interesting. Well, there are exceptions. In most of the books I read, I can find something inspiring me to do some things or to rethink my opinions. Also, I love to learn unexpected random facts.


Walking while listening to podcasts - one of my favourite activities this year. I saved way too many podcasts which topic I am interested in and want to learn more about. At least walks for the next three years won't boring hehe.

It's quite a petite post but I can do the second part. Also, as I'm gonna participate in Blogtober this October and write every day my posts won't be that long as usual. Can't wait for this time! But I still need to do too many things before this time. October in less than in a month. Crazy!

Saturday, September 4, 2021

25 lessons in 25 years I WISH I KNEW AT 17


Some photos from my little birthday.

Hello, hello guys. I hate how I am not consistent with blogging. I remember when I was a teenager I still blogged and could write multiple posts a day. Then I definitely had less issues with time management hehe. Some things gets worse, but most gets definitely better. I wanted to write this post just after my birthday. I wanted to write this post a few days after my birthday, just to give myself a few days relax and not to do anything. But I got sick a few days after my birthday. I was sick for 3 weeks. That's crazy. How did I get a flu in the middle of the summer? And I never wore anything too short or light this summer so I don't know how I got it. It's probably some sort of virus. But that's weird too because I didn't contact with people much too. But it's not hard to get this kind of stuff. Like anybody catch it in a supermarket. This summer was unfortunately for my health. I was sick all the time. And even got a chicken pox from my niece. Abd now I got scars. Everywhere. And the worst part is I got one in the middle of my face, on my nose. +1 to 1000 insecurities I already have. I got like 5 antiscar creams abd they seem to work a little. So I hope to get rid of it with time. If you have some tips, let me know. Please 🙏🥺.
Anyways back to when I was a teenager. Better late than never. 25 lessons for my 25th birthday I wish I knew a bit earlier.

1. Don't have friends for granted. I wish I was more thankful for still having friends. When you're in 20's it's harder both making abd keeping friends.
2. Take more first steps to people that important to you or they will think you don't care about them and leave. 
3. Try finding some way to earn money while still studying. When I was studying in the university I was thinking I thought after I graduate I'll find easily a job. But in reality I could still work while studying so during those 5 years of university I definitely could find a job I could work in a free time. Anyways I studied at home and was going to the university a few times in a season.
4. Don't lay all eggs in one basket. Especially if that basket is social media. When I was studying in the university basically all I was doing 80% of time is working on growth of my Instagram. Everything was going good. I didn't know everything can change with change of algorithms and other stuff. So basically I didn't achieve anything with something I spent on a few years.
5. Never stop improving on art you like.
6. You decide what job you will work. Only you. 
7. People that says you will fail, they say it only because they failed too. But you can try better. Only you know what you can do. 
8. Learn how to mix clothes. And basic monotone clothes is important because it's hard to find good combination if all your wardrobe is glitter, all different colors and crazy styles.
9. Skincare is more important to buy than decorative beauty products.
10. Don't be afraid showing your creativity.
11. Don't forget to take makeup off and to brush teeth before going to bed.
12.  You have a lot of time. Read some classic books, watch the best movies and series while you can afford to spend time on it.
13. Learn new languages. Improve ones you already know and even your native language.
14. Self-studying is the best thing you can do for your improvement.
15. Don't waste time on people who don't care about you. You will forget about them in a few months or years, better do it now.
16. Get faster into spirituality. 
17. Inspiration don't come to you until you make a step to inspiration.
18. Some people will judge you no matter what you will do and if you don't anything they will judge you fir not doing anything so better do what you want but scare if people's reaction.
19. Happy successful person doesn't write hateful comments neither act rude so don't be sad because of them.
20. Clean pretty space you spent most time in = clear happy mind.
21. Trust your intuition and wishes.
22. Don't be afraid to say buy to toxic relationships.
23. You're original and there is no one like you on earth.
24. Be more creative with your style. Don't be afraid showing you true yourself in the way you dress.
25. Write goals. Write steps to your goal. Do it daily. Choose every month something you want achieve and make it something you constantly do.
Not like me and blogging hehe. Anyways I'm going to blog daily during October or should I say Blogtober. Can't wait. It's been just 3 days but autumn already is so good.