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Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Tastiest Tiramisu I've Ever Tried \\ RECIPE (SUPER EASY)

 The last year I tried so many food I wanted to try for yeeaaars . In some of them, I was disappointed. Like Kit Kat (the best milk chocolate as Kinder and Milka (for me)) but the Kit Kat Macha taste I've seen in 2011 on the internet I finally saw 9 years later in stores in my town and was excited to try it and turned out it tastes like a dried fish. We can talk about food I liked or hated for hours but one of my favorites was tiramisu cake... But not for the first two times (first time I bought it in a convenience store and it was that bad that I wanted to throw it away and second was in a cafe and I didn't hear a taste of cheese at all, it was a tasteless whiff cream) but I knew I shouldn't give up on tiramisu and decided to try to make it at home. And I was right it's one of the tastiest meals I've ever tried! If you've never tried to make tiramisu by yourself then you know what to do!

Here's a very little easy recipe. It takes just a few minutes to make and then you should wait for a few hours while the meal will in the refrigerator and then you could enjoy the tastiest dessert.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

No-bake Sweet Chocolate Pizza (Photo Recipe)

Hello, world. Today I will share with you a super easy but still super tasty recipe I tried the last week. I made a sweet pizza on Friday for the Bachelor evening. And you know what? I enjoyed the show even more while I was eating a chocolate pizza. I made it just right before the show. It took me nearly 15 minutes if not less. So here are the ingredients you will need.
  • Nutella or other chocolate cream or you can melt chocolate.
  • Pizza dough. You should choose the one that is already baked because we won't use an oven in this recipe.
  • M&M's or something similar.
  • One banana 
  • Little marshmallows (I had bigger ones so I needed to cut them into smaller pieces)
Here's the photo recipe:

Step 1.
Step 2 and 3 (candy and marshmallow).
Step 4. Add Banana.

Final step. Put it in a microwave for nearly 7 minutes on maximal heat.

Have a sweet evening!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Ultimate List of 30 Day Challenges To Try


Hello!!! In one of my last posts I was telling I want to try some 20-30 day challenges. The first one is minimum sugar. But I want to try more later. Here's the list of fun challenges you can try. They can become your good habit. Let me know if you're going to try some challenges. I thought it will fun to try some challenges during this year.

1. Plan your next day the night before.

2. Spend cash only (this way you will save money).

3. Reduce your Internet entertainment time to 1-2 hours 

4. Wake up 1-hour earlier.

5. Chloe Ting 21 day workout challenge.

6. No plastic grocery shopping.

7. Carry a reusable water bottle.

8. One hour walk every day.

9. One hour of a reading book every day.

10. Blog daily or post daily on your business social media.

11. No fast food.

12. No pastries.

13. No bread.

14. Improve your drawing skills daily.

15. Take a creative photo everyday.

16. Journal every day.

17. Daily track one habit that is important for you.

18. Meditate.

19. Social media detox.

20. No sugar.

21. Try a new recipe every day. It may be something easy and quick too.

22. Foundation-free skin.

23. Wear one clothing piece or jewelry you never wear.

24. Mix clothes the way you never tried.

25. Clean something every day (1st day - closet, 2nd - windows, etc).

Monday, April 5, 2021


Yesterday in a previous post I mentioned that one of my goals for April is to blog quite often. So here is a mini-post update on my store. In February I shared with you exciting news that I opened an online store with clothing (especially t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts). Also, there are some stuff for home. You can see it here LINK. Today I finally I found out how to change the store design so I created a logo. Now it looks so much better.

I made better clothing designs since February when I only launched the store so I couldn't not to share with you.

Very soon I'll publish some posts I'm planning for you. I have a couple ideas for April posts and hopefully, it will be useful posts for you. Hope the first one will be ready tomorrow or on Thursday.

Sunday, April 4, 2021


HELLO! Is anybody still here lol? My last post was published in the middle of February the day I started to feel so bad I literally thought I'll die. And I was feeling bad until the end of February. Then later in March, I was fully into my online store (a post about it) and later that month my phone stopped working again literally it stops working every year. So while I'm waiting for when it will be fixed I procrastinate on Youtube hehe, so I thought if I literally got nothing to do I should blog, as I literally forgot about blogging in the previous month. I want to start with my bucket list for April as it's really motivated me. Hope it will be inspiring enough for you to make your own goals.

  • To publish nearly 10 blogposts. I don't a certain number of posts I want to create. It doesn't matter. But would be cool to have nearly 7-13 posts as I have nearly 100 ideas for blogposts in my drafts so this way they all can be published this year.

  • The 21-day challenge of no sweets, cookies, and chocolate etc, and a minimum of sugar. I want to do it for a few reasons. I'm pretty sure my blood pressure is quite high, also my gums react really bad to sweet food recently, so I want to heal them before I'll go to my dentist to heal my teeth or it will incredibly painful. And of course, I want to be more in a summer shape than the last two summers when I literally was covering my body as much as possible. Guys, do you realize how summer is so soon? It's already 4th month... NYE feels like mot more than a month ago. Also, this summer I turn 25, it's so depressing lol.

  • I'm not promising to workout. It's so hard for me to start doing them. But I really like to dance. So have 3-6 dance workouts in a week will be fine. Would be cool to learn some new moves.

  • Though I really want to do Chloe Ting challenge I thought I'll start in 2020 but I'm afraid haha. Looks too hard for me. But I should try it this spring for sure because I feel wooden.

  • To have self-care days a few times a week. Masks, bubble baths, health care, hair care and walks, and more.

  • When I'll get my phone to have daily at least 40-minute walks while listening podcasts or audiobooks.

  • Work on online businesses. Finding new ways to earn money with jobs I enjoy.

  • To finish two online classes on the Harvard University site.