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Monday, December 9, 2019


The last like 10 years, I guess, my parents and I stopped decorating a Christmas tree before holidays. We have a few very small ones but it's not the same, you know. My mom always says that Christmas trees are only for kids so we stopped using our silver tree after I with my sister grew up. 
But recently my sister called me and asked if I have white or green tinsels. I said that I don't have but she may come and look in the box with the old Christmas tree and decorations. And I've got the idea to decorate our tree again. It does not look that bad (better than on photos actually) and with new pretty decoration, it must look nice.
So yeah, it's the silver one. Super shiny one. It gives me super retro nostalgic Christmas vibes. I'm sure this year I will have a more Christmasy mood than in recent years.
Decorations that survived for like 20-30 years. Actually, there are only a few survivors. Most of the toys are from more recent times when we still used to decorate a Christmas tree.
Nobody in my family knows how these Santas turned out in the box. Nobody bought them. So I don't know. Santa's present, haha? But they are awesome. Will use them for decoration for sure.
Here are few items I bought today:
I thought maybe a white tinsel will make my Christmas tree look more fluffy. Not sure if it will work!

Needed a new topper. I think it was the best one in the store. Glittery stars are only can be used for one Christmas and on the next one it will look really bad.  I guess it must be alright with this one.
I thought these angels look really stylish!

Tomorrow I will decorate the Christmas tree and we will see if I could save the oldie. Hope so! It must be fun tomorrow!
I noticed most of decorations-survivors are pink, violet or red. And I'm pretty sure this colors will look good on a silver Christmas tree and it gives me girly vibes. And I will add my new decorations. Also, I add some silver and white tinsels for fluffiness and probably fairy lights. But I have only black wire ones. So not sure how it will look on silver.

Saturday, December 7, 2019


The first week was not productive because I'm sick. But I'm getting better. I just have problems with my throat today. Basically can't speak, but that's ok, I don't have any pains and finally, at least, have energy. I'm doing pretty well for a human who was home for a week. Well, I'm definitely going to walk tomorrow and buy some tasty healthy food so I could cook something and I should find some presents. I have a list of things I still have to do before new year and decade. Crazy, in this decade I stopped being a child and became a teenager and I became an adult. It's half of my life. I want to talk about this more in another post. Definitely. But it's my must-do list for December. 

1. To visit the winter market and the main Christmas tree.
2. To buy a decoration on the winter market. They are pretty expensive there, but it's my new Christmas tradition I started the previous year. 

 3. To celebrate the birthday of my dad. Today is 1 week before his birthday.
4. St. Claus Day! I was so excited about this day in childhood but I guess I won't get presents this year and should buy something for my nephew and niece.
5. To finish buying all the presents. I didn't find anything for parents and nephew yet.
6. To try a few winter recipes and wrote recipes on the blog if they are good.
7. To finish my nutrition online classes. I learnt so many useful information. I will be writing about this after Blogmas posts.
8. To watch winter cartoons with my niece.
9. To take winter photos. While we still have snow and it's already no slippery and not really cold.
10. To decorate a flat. My niece already asked me when I'm going to do it.
11. Set goals for January (setting goals for the whole year almost always fail).
12. To try nail art. I bought brushes, I bought nail polishes and gave up after the first fail. Should give it another try. I want to do something for New Year Eve and Christmas.
13. Daily Blogmas posts. I'm doing pretty good now hehe.
14. To clean before the holidays. We always have big cleaning in my family before holidays.
15. To find nice recipes and an outfit for New Year Eve. And not to forget to find nice ideas about what to do on New Year Eve. For example, I left predictions in dessert 2 years ago or maybe it was the last year.
16. To cook hot winter drinks. I just want to try new easy recipes, while baking is still too hard for me yet.
17. To track my habit journal. It keeps me motivated.
18. To improve my drawing skills by practicing. I didn't draw anything like 2 months or more.
19. Beauty self-care before holidays. Nails, hair, skin. I should take care of it because recent month of being ill made me look not my best.
20. Visit my grandmother on holidays. We always Celebrate Christmas on December 24-25 in her house while Ukrainian Christmas 2 weeks later we celebrate home but she visit us for this time.

Friday, December 6, 2019


Hello guys! Now I realized I can't promise everyday blogging because I still have problems with the Internet. I had no the Internet since yesterday's morning till now. And I'm pretty sure I won't have the Internet again soon. My provider is not good. I will change since the next year because it happens since October when they started to have brand-new tariffs and I pay the old price as I suppose to pay for my tariff. It's not official version why I have the shitty internet recent 2 months but I'm pretty sure that's what going on.
So I should find a new provider just after finishing this post while I still have the Internet and can search for stuff on Google.
Another thing is that happened is that I'm sick now. And I don't even know how that happened because I'm sitting home as streets are slippery now. Today I feel much better than the recent day so maybe I'll be alright in a few days. I'm kinda bored with these boring days and being sick. I managed to watch the whole season 2 of Sex and the city while I had no internet. I'm officially watched all the DVDs I have. That's kinda realistic Blogmas diary, but hopefully, I will feel better soon and it will be better the Internet.
And now I can show you finally my Black Friday haul. I was so disappointed with that.
1) It took too long to deliver. 2) I won an umbrella on the online store and had it in the shopping basket but they didn't send me it because it was out of stock. 3) This parcel is bored and it just has simple shampoos and tubes of toothpaste and I won something for washing and stickers lol. I got 50% off sale on the scrub that looks and smell (cranberry I guess) very festive, so that's a good one. And I got earring set for my addition earholes, the set is very sparkly and love the design. Lipstick and liner had no sales but at least they're the only pretty things in this haul.
Also, look at this unnecessary big amount of plastic packaging for a pretty small parcel. Crazy! It's a big Black Friday disappointment!
By the way, Black Friday in Ukraine sucks so that's why I didn't really buy many things. Here we have a lot of advertisements about Black Friday and there is a lot of people in stores this day but there are no good sales. Like 10-20 percents off and that's it.

To finish this post I want to add that I saw there is a lot of new Christmas movies filmed in 2019 and I thought maybe I will write a post about them but first I wanted to check them out. Turned out they are all Hallmark movies and their plot makes no sense. And most of the actors act very fake. I was pretty sure that I was in the mood to watch anything Christmassy but I couldn't watch this more than 10 minutes. Ellen on her show said that they are movies to watch while you're deciding what you really want to watch haha. Do you like simple Christmas movies?