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Friday, September 13, 2019


Hi friends, I wanted to share with you this list of my favourite shows to watch in fall. Tell me what you like to watch in fall!
Over the Garden Wall. Actually, these short animated series inspired me to write this post. Probably around Halloween, I will re-watch this. I enjoyed it so much. It gave the super autumn mood, although outside trees are still green (most of them, but some already brown), super sunny and other summer things. I watched it all evening. And it was super cosy, I recommend to try to do yourself.
It's quite creepy sometimes but cute most of time. Interesting story about two brothers and their adventures in a magical wood. This cartoon had many Easter eggs and who doesn't like them? I looove it. It was interesting to find about them out.
The Addams family (1962). I think it has better Halloween vibes then one from '90s. But I liked them both. Black and white make its job. I love actors as well. Aesthetic is so elegant, and jokes are really funny not like now, everything about all the same things.
Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Btw I tried to watch new Sabrina and I didn't like at all. But that's the unpopular opinion you can check this put and you will probably like it. My challenge for autumn to re-watch these series this autumn, because they are super autumny.
Bunny Drop. My niece said it's boring after the first episode, but then we decided to watch more episodes and after the last episode she said that it's sad that there are only a few episodes. I think this cartoon will more interesting for young adults. Because the picture is no really bright and everything is pretty slow, so it will be boring for kids, but the plot is super cute and kind and sometimes sad. This anime is super pretty as well.
Gossip Girl. It just give me back to school vibes, so maybe if you study and need motivation, check this out, if you haven't watched it. To anyone who hasn't watched it, I really recommend it's in my top 5 favourite shows. I watched it 3 times.

From the last autumn. I need to make a lot of autumn photos this autumn when it will be more autumny outside.


  1. The New Sabrina is much different from the first show. I like both, but they are so different.

  2. I have only watched Sabrina and The Addams Family I will check the others one out Thanks for sharing this info xoxo Cris