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Thursday, July 19, 2018


Women comouflage t-shirt from HERE (click to buy or just check it out)
Leggings from HERE (click to check the item out)
Blouse / summer cardigan (?) found in a thrift store
Sunglasses Dresslink
Earrings probably Oasap
Cross from HERE

Heeeellooooo! I was missing blogosphere. <3 No I didn't quite blogging. Okay... Just for a while. When I've got a break, I had no idea it will take so much time. Things we don't expect to happen are happening in life sometimes. Firstly I decided that I can't afford blogging in June because my final exam in University in the end of the month. I didn't study hard enough to be sure I'll pass the exam with good grades to get a University diploma, so I decided to prepare for the exam in June in last weeks. I was too nervous and doubted if I'll pass too much for doing something else that takes quite tons of time. I definitely will write about all this in the next posts. And they are going to be ready in less than two months for sure haha. Probably tomorrow. But I don't promise cause I'll go to the hospital tomorrow in the morning and should be there for two weeks (it's for renewal of my disability I had since I was born, I'm totally okay), but probably I could go home for weekend so I could write some new posts.
Anyway, so the break in June was planned and I wrote on my Google+ page that will be back in the end of the month, so what happened that I didn't write almost another all month? Just after my exam, on the next day my laptop decided it's time to die. Like at all, it didn't want to turn on. I had problems with it the whole year since December when my niece decided to drink super sweet tea near the keyboard and you know what happened. Firstly it can be okay, but with the time sugar kinda kills a computer. I was tired of spending money on repairs, cause I already could buy a new computer with that money I spent on saving old one. It sounds better to buy a new laptop, then to do repair every month to my 9 years old laptop. So I decided not to spent my time and money again and just wait a little and buy a new one. But my dad said to give it another chance and took it to a programmer that said changing the keyboard will solve the problem. I didn't believe, but it did! Now it works good again.
Though it's weird that the programmer didn't say it earlier in December and just took money for cleaning the keyboard and then it changed nothing. Ugh. Not going to go to him for the next time when I will need. Hope it won't be soon and I could enjoy blogging! ♥


  1. Good to see you back, you look beautiful in the pictures by the way.

  2. Thank you so much!!! Good to see you again too!


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