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Sunday, July 22, 2018

I finished my study at the University WHAT'S NEXT?

So yeah, a month ago I passed my final exam and got my University diploma. It was like super fast month ever. I even not sure what I was doing haha. It's hard to remember things like that if you didn't blog. 
Anyways, just after I finished my University, I would say even in last months of my study people started to ask what I'm going to do next. No, they ask even in better way, they ask what's my job right now and they especially expect me top work on job of my speciality that wrote in the diploma. Like for what I entered to when I was 17 must be my profession of all my life. I'm really calm person and mostly never care what's people expect me to do, but questions about marriage, kids and job drive me mad recently, cause even doctors ask me these questions (one about why I don't have job of my major). I'm really interested why like everybody I meet are interested in it. It seems like they want invitation to wedding when they ask about marriage or want to borrow some money if they ask about job. Well, at least, it's life lesson to me never to ask so annoying questions. But this post is not about it. Just want to tell you secretly (so don't tell to those annoying people 😂) what I'm going to do next, already this year (at least I hope I could do everything from this list).

Firstly I want to tell you what I'm gonna do first and I already started to do and now I'm in the middle to the goal. I need to renew my disability documents as I did the last year. Doctors gave me disability document for just one year that's absolutely weird and not right, as I have disability since I was born and nothing change, so what's a point to renew it so fast? Cause renewal of any documents takes a lot of time (mostly months) and running to all hospitals of the town. I already don't hope for lifetime document, but I hope they give me it for a few years, so I could at least rest from this chaos and maybe in a few years I even won't need this social help. You would be shocked if knew how small it is.

When I'll finish this running with documents I probably may find summer job. It's pretty late to do it on August or whenever it will happen, but you know what I mean. Job before I'll find something better I will like. I still don't know what kind of job it can be. I have propose to work on some Instagram project, but I really doubt. I don't really like the idea of the project. I'm not enthusiastic about it, so I doubt if I could work it there more than a month. Also firstly you suppose to pay some money before you get a job and I even don't know if I could earn them back there. I think I better spent this money as part for classes pay I want to go and that could be job I will like. So what do you think?

So yeah, as I said - art classes. And it's the most exciting part of this list for me. In winter I was thinking what I'm going to do after graduation and remembered what I wanted to do probably from 2013 and then big problems of country and University as well made me forget about some of my wishes.
It was pretty spontaneous. Firstly I googled if I could work as English teacher at some classes for kids, but turned out I need to have a special diploma for it. I don't have other 5 years for study now, so it's not a variant. And then I decided to check something I really wanted since I was 17 out. But like for fun. Seriously, I wasn't serious about it;) And then I found a pretty cool opportunity and I felt like that's it. Like I'm again on right path I forgot. Maybe I'm wrong, but I definitely should try.
I already could be on classes, but it worth quite big amount of money (and time I currently don't have) for me and as I said all my technique started to break, so, unfortunately, not this summer. All hopes for autumn.

Work on blog and Instagram. I have very hard year for blogging. Like from spring 2017 to nowadays. I don't have any progress since that. It's pretty pity when everything is really great and boom - everything destroys. I rarely had ability to write posts and take pictures (and to do other blogging things). Every time I was trying to start it again, something didn't give me to do this. It felt already mystical. I believe that everything for reason and after bad times we have really good times, so hope it's already the time for good ones and blogging will stop being hard for me.

Social job. I have opportunity to work on some social job, but problem is I know pretty nothing yet. But let's see! I think it may be nice to be helpful for somebody although I definitely don't want to work there for a long time. I just feel weird the same way about it as about that Instagram project. Maybe I'm just afraid of new, but it feels like something wrong for me and I can't explain this.

Work on my English and other languages.The last year I watched movies / shows, read book in English and always wrote words I don't know to my online dictionary to learn later. And do you know what? I have 7085 words in my dictionary to learn and I should do something with that. Unfortunately I rarely work on learning new words since 2016 and more learnt things about accent e.t.c. But second part of 2018 is definitely time for learning new words.

Read books and watch movies / series I wanted to read/watch for a long time. No comments. Sounds like paradise.

Keep working on fitness routine to be more healthy, pretty and fit. Also it gives me a good mood, energy and confidence. I definitely should write a post about sport.
I'm trying to be active in it since May and definitely see difference inside and out. It even works good stretch marks. I got new ones in autumn and they were really bright and recently after I started to workout they become almost the same color as skin. I need to write about this post as well, cause I already had experience with it since I was 12 and know how to make them disappear. That's not true that they never disappear!


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    1. I love to take pictures of sky. My sister is laughing at me because of this :p

  2. You have a lot of ideas! Art clases sounds really interesting and I have to improve my English too so summer can be a great time for doing it!

  3. I'll try to learn English in autumn as well. Hope I will be still inspired to do it.


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