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Thursday, July 26, 2018


Bonus fact for the start - my 22th birthday in less than 2 weeks. It's crazy, I don't feel like it's already time for my birthday again. Wasn't it like 3 months ago? Ah okay, I like birthdays anyways, but I'm not ready at all. Don't have plans yet and even don't know if I will have them while people still continue asking me if I'm going to have party. Probably eating pizza my birthday cake alone / watching my favorite series type of party. Don't have people to invite to the birthday party = no party = no problems (also no presents as well). Yeah, I'm trying to cheer myself up... but anyways, today I wanted to make ''get me know better''. It have been a while since I blogged quite rarely and I thought it couldn't be bad idea to write something that will get you to know me. Since my 21 years on this planet I have at least 21 weird facts to share. 

  1. I don't understand people that feel bored, especially, when it happens often. Life is so short and in the world you can do a million different things. I just don't understand it.
  2. Slow at reading books. I don't know what's wrong with me. I would like to read like 2 books every week like some people do, I really enjoy reading but it takes a lot of time. I can start to read the page and then start to imagine about some I read and I forget about the book and later I'm too sleepy to continue reading (I read before I sleep mostly).
  3. I didn't go to the school and kindergarten. At all. Because of my health.
  4. At age 15 I created my Youtube channel and filmed the world's worst hairstyle tutorial. I'm no kidding, it was very very very bad, but still it had more than 3 000 views and pretty a lot of likes like WHAT? I don't know how to explain that mess that was in that video, but it was really bad.
  5. I love how melons smell, but hate how they taste. Is it just me or somebody else have similar situation?
  6. Once I took photo of a ghost. I haven't seen him. I just noticed him later in my camera roll. It was in my sister's apartment when I was alone with my sister's daughter, so it was definitely a ghost. First, I thought it's like normal ghost (whaaat 😁), but then I saw that my niece have a doll dressed totally the same and I pick that doll up to play with my niece, it made the sound (niece heard it too). I don't know what the hell it is, but I have a photo of it on the blog. If you want to see it, write ''ghost'' in ''Search''.
  7. Also one mysterious thing happened to me when I was taking pictures for the blog. I did Halloween aka witch make up idea and light was great, but on half of pictures my eyes were totally black. Even my whites. Definitely it wasn't good sign.
  8. I started to walk at age 4 when I started to ride horses in the hospital. Doctors say horses really help for people who has some types of disabilities.
  9. I have my first operation after two hours since I was born.
  10. I can cry whenever I want. It's easy for me to do. I need to become an actress haha.
I hope that this photo of my black ice cream is okay for this post. I think it's cool enough to post it on the blog, but I didn't know in what type of post I should use it haha.

11. I was pretty popular when I was a kid. I was creating fashion trends, that girls of my age wore later, then I created free art classes, then I start  to predict everyone's future (LOL) , everybody wanted to be friends with me and on my birthday parties was always so many kids, it was very chaotic. Where they all did go?
12. Once I owned 14 rats.
13. The first time when I tried sushi rolls I thought it tastes disgusting and now they are in my top 3 favorite food with pizza and chocolate cake.
14. Almost the same thing with Harry Potter. I didn't care about him when I was a kid and now I'm a fan.
15. I used to have anonymous stalker. Still wonder who it was.
16. I used to learn how to do makeup on my dad (hi dad!).
17. I love the way gas stations smell like.
18. I'm either very lucky some days and either very unlucky other days.
19. I saw UFO (I don't mean it were aliens, I don't know what was that) and it was the middle of the day. Just a few weeks ago. It looked like phoenixes (I watched Harry Potter too much). But they were too small to take pictures of. All you can see on the photos white circles.
20. Everybody is staring at me all the time. I don't know why. I guess I'm interesting, but it's pretty annoying, cause I don't feel that confident.
21. Any of birthday cake wishes I made didn't come true. Maybe it is not weird, but at least sad haha.


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    1. Sister of my sister's husband gave me her two rats cause she was pregnant and had no time for them. And turned one of rats is pregnant as well and gave a birth to 12 little rats.


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