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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Woman sport trousers LINK (click to check it out)
Denim jacket Handmade
Tops both from a thrift store
Similar hat is HERE
Similar sunglasses LINK
Jewelry Here

Hey! What's up? How are you doing? I already have a memory card for my camera ( not old one with photos 😞, new one), but had a trouble with my remote for the camera, so have just a few new photos. Now I fixed problems and going to take more photos in next days. Ah it's hard to take photos, when the camera doesn't work well, glad it works again, so it will be much easier the next time!
Just wanted to share some photos of what I was wearing when I was out of the town. It's very simple and comfy, as it's should be for the village. Actually I wore the jacket only in the evenings and for photos, cause we already have summer heat, but it's freaking cold after sunset sometimes. I literally can't stop wearing this jacket ans forget that I have other ones, cause all patched it has on, like from favorite bands logos to a strawberry cocktail, it's perfect.
I wore my old, but one of favorite tops with an unicorn on it and transparent net t-shirt with sculls I love to wear on tops, especially if they don't have print on it, so I feel like it's too boring.
And, finally, my new favorite leggings. I just wanted some motivation to get into fitness again, but now when I got them, I just want to wear them everyday to the grocery store to buy some biscuits.
They're black light and has double net above and below the knees that looks super cute. If you want some cute sport trousers as motivation to go to the gym, these are perfect. They from this store (LINK) and you can buy them HERE.

By the way on the store I bought the leggings (link) I  saw some cool colors of lip pencils, so I wanted to try it too. Anyways, it was only $1,25. I really was interested in cream beige that was sort of grey and even violet, but, as you can see I got a pencil of color that only a little bit darker than my natural color of lips. Meh, but okay then, if it was good, but actually I barely can use it, cause it's dry, thin (so you definitely can't apply it on all lips, it will be way to long) and not pigmented and when I try it harder to push it makes my lip has black pieces of pencil on it.
I wore it only for photos and the first time of testing, but seems like half of a product is already used. Also there is no information of how much of product in ''pencil'', only length of that empty pencil, that i pretty useless. On the photo you can see how much of product in it, you can't push it more.


  1. These leggings are so cool and I'm in love with your denim jacket too!

  2. looking so beautiful

  3. Very chic look dear.
    Have a great day :*


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