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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


It seems like I'll get you know about me something I didn't talk before. It's pretty weird I never talked about any type of manifestation before. I'm going to write about in manifestation and other new things I never wrote about. After my graduation from university (it will be in two weeks... maybe I don't know yet), I'm going to write about healthy food (ignore the photo in this post, it's okay to eat waffles once a month on a holiday), fitness, losing weight. Yep, I gained weight the last year (and bad thoughts and stress played big roles in it, so it's why important to stay positive and manifest right things in your life), so after I'll pass the main exam, to lose weight will be my main goal. I think it should be interesting experience. I never tried to lose my weight before. So I think it will be interesting for some blog readers too.
Also as I'm going to classes to study new things, probably, I'll be writing about what I've learnt as well.

Yeah, in future I'll be writing more about other of manifestation, if you're interested. I was into similar things since forever when I watched ''Secret'' about law of attraction for the first time like 10 years ago or even before when I was making wish after seeing a shooting star in the night sky and when my I blow my fallen eyelash. So I would like to write about other things I like.

So today... I mean tonight is full flower moon. And it's very good time for making wishes. By the way, if you read it later than 29.5, then it's okay. Full moon energy still works for next three days as well.
I'm going to do this just after I'll finish this post. But you can do it in the morning or even later, if you want. For me it's easier to do at night. This time I feel more inspired than usually. And doing full moon manifestation ritual seems more right when you see that full moon. But it's probably just me. Just do it, when it's comfortable for you.
Here are some things you can do for making your life and especially this month more positive and interesting, making your wishes come true:

Firstly, you need a notebook. At least, one, but you can use a few for different type of manifestation. I use one, so it's totally okay. You may already guess that you need a pen. You can use calm music, tea and candles for better atmosphere and inspiration. You can have some crystals, gems and stones around you, if you have. Find a comfortable cozy place, where you can be alone, feel peaceful and not to be distracted by other people. I also feel more inspired when I open windows, so night summer air fill the room.
You should be positive and confident about letting go your wishes to moon's energy for making it your reality. It's the most important.

Start to write about things you're thankful for (for example, ''I'm thankful for feeling healthy today''. It can be even little things, like ''I'm thankful that ice cream I bought was really tasty''. Start to write about things you want in the same way, like you already have it right now. You can mix them in the same place, like you have it all, as I said.
Full moon is really good time for writing your goals down. You can just write your goals for this month in the same place and continue to write your goals as wishes. Also you can write on another page your goals. Don't write ''I want work out 5 days a week'', instead it will be better ''I work out days a week'' (like you already do it.
Feel optimistic after the ritual and let your wishes go, you shouldn't be worry if it will come true or not, be hopeful, patient and confident that everything you need will be in your life.


  1. I didn't know a full moon was tonight

  2. Writing is really important. Sometimes, I write about my feelings and, although nodody read them, I feel weel doing it.

  3. great

  4. I do journal sometimes and when I go back and read my entries, I really enjoy it. Congratulations on your graduation.

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  6. Sounds great dear, thanks for sharing :)


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