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Monday, May 28, 2018


Hello, guuuys! Do you planning your week on Monday or weekend? I find it easier to do on Monday, cause on weekend we usually don't want to think about what will be after it will end and just have fun. If you don't go on work early in the morning, you can try to plan your week on Monday too. I think we have the most of inspiration this day. So here are my favorite things to do on Monday that makes my week more successful.
  • Check out the weather forecast for the week. Do you check it every day or for the full week? I think it's more comfortable to check for the whole week. Any ways, the weather cast for next 5 days is mostly true. It takes one minute to check, but really helps, so you can choose your outfits for the whole week. I always do it for days that are really busy and mostly if I should go somewhere in the morning. 
  • Find motivation to be motivated the whole week. When I don't feel inspired for something important, I usually try to find inspiration in books, movies (sometimes series or cartoons), even blogs or just google inspirational quotes. I think the best motivation to do something that is important is to imagine what will (or won't) happen if you not gonna do it and opposite. Imagine how you will be proud of yourself and happy with what you did.
  • Write to-do list from the main goals to little ones. Don't forget to write which day you will do this, it's the main thing about it. Don't hide that list to Friday / Saturday. Start with not the easiest ones, as most people do. You always should start with the main goal or you won't just time for that.
  • Take a time to think what's you didn't like about this week and how you solve these problems to not repeat this week.
  • Throw out things that you're not using anymore, broken things and check if you have expired food. I don't know how about you, but I believe that mess in the house makes mess in our minds as well. I even don't know how to do something important if the room I'm in is not clean. 
  • Plan what dishes you gonna cook this and go on food shopping for products you need for them, you can buy product for next couple days. Write dishes you wish to try this week. I really recommend to use food diary apps, if you want to be organised with food and be healthy (and fit). Really helps if you want too lose some weight. I heard people that use them lose weight twice faster. Ain't it ''wow''? Also it helps to track how much calories you gain and how much you need for not gaining weight.
  • Promise a little reward to yourself if you'll accomplish your goal. Like a new t-shirt, if you will healthy all week/
  • Don't have too many tasks for the week or you'll just give up after couple days, so just choose main ones. You will have another week for other goals.


  1. Replies
    1. For me it's easy to find motivation, but often hard to find strength / energy / time for this.

  2. I rarely check the weather, I'm always off guard

    1. it happens with everybody, but I'm pretty lucky with this and it's usually raining when I already home.

  3. I need to find motivation for the whole week... I'm so tired!

    1. I'm tired after weekend too. Don't feel good after all unhealthy food I ate when we celebrated Ukrainian holiday on Saturday:(

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