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Friday, May 4, 2018


Hello guuuuys! Hope you're all fine! ⌣ I got sick pretty bad already for more than a week, I had no energy even to go outside, so that's the main reason I didn't write anything the recent days. I still have a caught, but it's okay, I'm so tired to be ill and want to blog, so maybe I could write some new posts the next days again.
Although the memory is still not found. I was talking about it in the last post. It's hard to find something if you're moving out. I tried to find it too and had big cleaning with my dad yesterday, but it's not in the room. Seems I should buy a new one, but, anyways, photos are not very important for this post.

Today I want to talk about serious topic I never was serious about. Importance to surround yourself with right people for you. Sometime ago I was thinking that it's totally okay to have close to myself pessimistic or even angry people with negative mindset in my life. I always felt sorry for them and wanted to help them. Even maybe to help them to change. But after years of relationships with this kind of people I understood only reason why they are like that is that they don't want change and if they don't want you can't do it too. It's hard to change for people at all. Only way a human can change is when he / she really wants it very hard.
So you better don't have in your life these 10 types of people I will talk about below. With all of them I had sort of ''friendship'' and it never ended good, especially, for me.

That type that talk only about themselves or people from their circles that only they know and when you start to tell some words about yourself and your life, they ignore and start to talk about themselves again. When you only start to have relationships with this type, it feels pretty okay, you can think that this person just want you to know everything about his life. Especially, it feels okay when that person tell you something very personal or maybe even secrets, so it can feels like that person really trust you, but truth is that person is just feel lonely or even boring and want to talk with anyone (read like "to talk about yourself to anyone"), no matter who. If your friend is never interested in you, then he doesn't like you and when if he will find someone who will be more interested into, he will leave you. And probably he will call you again if he will break up with his other friends.

That type that always in trouble. Don't have any relationships with this kind if you don't want to get in trouble. Or if you like some adventures, then okay, but you may know that trouble can be very serious.
People almost always can decide if they want to get into trouble or not, if to act more clever and to think about consequences.

That type that don't respect your goals and interests. It's okay not to like them, we don't choose what we like or not, but you must respect them as friends. It's not okay for friends to laugh at your hobbies or to say that what you want is silly.

That type that say that you have no chances to get what you want. If you have a friend that says that your dream will always be your dream, then you should choose either your big dream or your fake friend, cause areal one will never say it.

That type that have their ''aggressive'' moments. You shouldn't think that's okay as it's not for a long time, especially, there were times a person was very aggressive with you, even when you did nothing bad to him or her. You just can be with people that will never make you sad or even being alone is better than to be with this kind. That's no way to have any type of relationship with somebody who makes you to be afraid of what this person will do next.

That type that always want you to help with something and never get anything in exchange. It's kind of the same as the first type. Any relationship is about exchanging, you don't need to give everything and get nothing. I understand that you're kind and don't need anything from that person. But if your friend act like that. it just means he doesn't care about you.

That type that is ashamed of what you're doing or say that you need stop doing what you like. Like if you're kind of person like me that don't afraid when people are staring at you and you can, for example, sing in a mall when it's your favorite song on radio or dress too weird and bright and your friend is saying to stop doing it cause people watch at us, then you will never have fun with your friend as you can have with more of your type people. I really hate when people say to stop doing something, I mean I don't do anything bad and do something I like, so why I should stop? If you don't like me as person, leave me alone and find a better one for yourself.

That type that judge everyone and talk everyone's secrets they know. Believe this kind of people talk about you the same things and tell things you asked not to tell anyone too.

That type that have a lot of free times and want to be in touch with you since morning to night. It's perfect type of friends, if you was born in very rich family and don't need to work, don't have goals and don't want feel ever alone.

That type that always lie. Often little lies mean that that person can tell big lies too. If there is no trust in friendship, then it's not a real friendship. Friend should trust his friends, because real friends always understand and don't judge for truth.

Do you agree that we should get rid of these types of people from our lives? Did you have relationship with any of these types of people?


  1. I'm very introverted, so I usually have most people out of my life for the most part.

    1. same, although I'm very open and not afraid to talk with new people;)

  2. Awesome my dear !!!
    Visit my blog kisses


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