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Monday, April 2, 2018


Heeeyyy! What's up guys? I wanted to write this post since the last time I was writing. Had no idea it will take so much time before I'll write again, but good news that very soon I will be active here, just need extra week or two (if everything will be by design) . Can't wait for this time!

The real topic I wanted to talk about is whitening teeth with help of activated charcoal. That's the thing everybody can buy in every drugstore in the world and also to make review for Carbon Coco products that made of activated charcoal as well.

I read in the instructions that you should brush your teeth with the charcoal 3 minutes once a day during week or two. I used it during only one week (and a few times after), cause was afraid to do bad to my teeth and the last days my teeth became kind of sensitive, but not that sensitive when I tried whitening strips and it hurted as hell.
Honestly I've seen results just after first time of using and people noticed it too, so it really works. It helps very if you want to get rid of yellow shade of teeth, but there's no way that with it you'll get Hollywood smile. For this you should use a teeth polish... or put white crowns.
Big surprise for me was that activated charcoal + Carbon Coco toothpaste not only whitened my teeth, but also grinded my front tooth. I was going to go to a dentist as soon as possible, cause that tooth was annoying me, but I don't need to go to a dentist anymore, cause it's okay now.
So it's a little dangerous for teeth even charcoal from Carbon Coco that's very good blended and soft.
I can't not to say that I really love the toothpaste, cause it's not super mint as most of pastes, it's very delicate and ''tasty''. Also it's black, so it's cool;) By the way, you can use this toothpaste regular as other toothpastes.
Also I've got the brush in my set, I decided to use this one for charcoal to not destroy my white brush, but gooosh, this one is so soft that I use only this one.

Did you try using activated charcoal for teeth whitening and what do you thing about it?

You can find my kit for whitening teeth here: LINK 
It has a free shipping worldwide, not tested on animals and have "love It or leave It" guarantee that full refund if you do not see results within 14 days. <3


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