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Friday, March 9, 2018


Hello guuuys! As I promised I'm trying to be active. I'm inspired by international women's day and strong women all over the world. I see posts and Youtube videos about how it's hard to be a women, so I decided to show the positive side of being a women and my favourite reasons of it.

  • If you're bored of your face, you can basically to paint another face with a help of makeup. Today you can be an angel with light makeup, tomorrow you can be a grunge princess with dark smokey eyes. Should I say about magic of  contouring?
  • We have way bigger choice of clothes. 
  • We can show emotions too much because of litte things and people around us won't care about it.
  • People always say you compliments all the time, so it makes you feel better and your mood to be great.
  • I love strong people, but everybody has times when it's hard and women can be weak for a little without judging of people.
  • We have a serious reason for being a bitch for a few days a month.
  • I enjoy only girls company. To go shopping with girls, eat chocolate ice cream at cafes, slumber parties and do girly things. There is some amazing vibe in it you'll never get with boys.
  • And no doubt we can be and do everything we want.


  1. They do say, if a guy is ugly, he'd better be rich cause he can't put on makeup to change himself.

    1. He can though, although it's still weird for most of people.:D I say he'd better be kind and confident and it will make him good looking for people.

  2. Women can run the world!

  3. I did see a few posts on the challenges of being a woman. I like your perspective. Good job highlighting the perks!

  4. You just enumerated many of the reasons I wish I'd been born a woman. There are others: I am repulsed by male characteristics and male hormones I have. The main reason I never got 'the operation' was because I was afraid I'd have to deal with men more than I already do. I too enjoy only girls company - and I wish NetFlix would stop showing me male faces on the thumbnail photos for movies and TV shows.
    Here's to women! I hope they do take their rightful places in government, business and society. Men have been screwing things up long enough.
    P.S.: I love the photo of you.


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