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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Why I am doing Blogmas this week (and it went wrong) | BLOGMAS 1

Hello guuuuuys!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!! I wish all your goals for this year become reality before next winter holidays! Also I hope first days of the year were fun! Mine are totally great. I spend most of the time with my family, also I spend a lot of time on fresh air. I didn't eat much food and didn't drink even a champagne as mostly people did, so I feel great and still keep my holiday mood before Ukrainian Christmas that will be on January 7th. So that's why I do a little one week Blogmas. Also I thought it would be good to start the year being an active blogger, so I would have habbit to continue to do it later. But things went wrong... The first day I didn't have much time, cause I was with my family all the time and then, I started to be really tired and decided to do first Blogmas in the next morning. Anyways as I ''slept'' in the evening and woke up after midnight so it didn't matter if I'll do it now or already in the morning when I won't be that tired.
But guess what? With all these celebrations I forgot to pay for the Internet, but it's not that big problem. I payed for this and came back home and had the Internet for like 15 minutes and it disappeared for the whole day, because it was holiday and almost nobody worked and people from my Internet company, of course. So meh that's why I write only now hehe.

Now I want to tell a little bit about Ukrainian New Year and how I celebrated this.

New Year's eve is very important here. For most of people New Year is the main holiday. We also believe that how you welcome the new year is how your all year will be, so everybody's trying to have fun. For me it's kind of true, because I noticed that what people I see on the new year, I see the most the whole year. Or the same thing with places.
If it will work this year too, this year will be totally fun and weird. Haha. One of the weird things is that I with my family didn't have a normal table with holiday's food. Because of my sister's newborn son all decided to have dinner on the floor. So it will be safer and he won't feel lonely. It's really weird to celebrate a holiday like that for me. I saw one Japanese dorama and there people celebrated exactly like that.
Also after midnight when everybody else slept, I went with my dad to see some fireworks. It was a little hard because of high buildings and my bad running skills. We saw more of those things that I don't know how they're called, but that those things that are used for concerts and looks kind of like fire. Also we saw the yellow dog that wanted to play with us. So I think's it's a good sign for the year of the earth yellow dog. And also that night was like the prettiest moon I've seen in my life, it looked like a moon from fairytale.

Also we have snow that day although it was a warm day, that was like miracle, but actually even after snowy walk I didn't have a holiday spirit, as I said in the previous post, snow, actually, isn't that important for having a good mood.
And the first day of the year was really cosy and all about family.
I have tradition to watch TV in the first morning of the year. It's like the only time of the year when I watch it, cause in first days of January on TV a lot of festive and fun things. And I have a tasty ice cream as a dessert after breakfast called Japanese Sakura. I really wondered that here are so pretty ice creams just for 50 cents, there are some cherries in it too.
And closer to the evening we went to the city center. This year our town is decorated as never before, but you can't see it very good at these photos, cause I didn't know that we'll go somewhere and I had no time to charge my camera. Also when I did my makeup, mascara got into my eye and irritated it, so my eye kind of destroyed all photos of me. But I still like this one. Well, at least, I have one photo.
We were there when it was still light, but I want to see it when the sun will come down. I saw on photos, and it looks fairy. So I'll probably go back there tomorrow or another day before Christmas.


  1. lovely pictures ! happy new year !!

  2. I knew it had to be cherry flavored, sakura is the Japanese word for cherries

  3. Amazing holiday spirit! Here in Serbia, Christmas is also on January 7th, so we can enjoy in festive mood a little bit longer then others :)

    1. I didn't know that's the same thing in Serbia! Now I don't feel lonely in it! Yeah, January is still full of holidays for us:) ♥


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