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Saturday, January 6, 2018


 Hello, guys! It's Christmas eve here today, so I acvtually don't have much of time to wrote a lot of text like the last times, but want to share with you a lot of photos I took in the center of my city. I really liked decorations when I was the first time, but I saw everything in daylight, so I wanted to visit this place again to see in the evening. Camera doesn't show the vibe on 100%, but it looked like a fairytale.
I had fun, despate, I had little failures during the whole day. Like all times when I needed to cross the road light was turning red for 40 seconds and it happend to me more than 5 times that evening. And after the long walk I was so tired and happy that I already on the bus on my way home, but a driver didn't say that he's not going to my street anymore and I even was even more far away from house on another side of the city. Plus, I had very awkward moment in bakery when I thought about something and a salelady asked me what I'm going to buy and I said ''ball'' instead of ''bread''. It was very weird and awkward...

Blue and yellow as flag of Ukraine.

I found there beautiful tiny notebooks, you can use as Christmas tree toys. I thought it's super cute, so I get two for me and my niece. She in love with glittery notebook with stars.
And there were different cool teas with good prices. Way cheaper than at stores. There are rose petals, daisies and other flowers.
Also I tried this natural juice, that's very good and tasty, while I've never eaten a worse doughnut. 


  1. Wonderful town decoration, I love it! <3

  2. Hope you had a good one. This is so magical! Wow!

  3. Looks so pretty there.

  4. I'm in love with Xmas lights. They're so beautiful!


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