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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How I celebrate Christmas in Ukraine | BLOGMAS 6&7

Hello, guys! It's the last post of my little blogmas. Hope you had fun with me the first week of the year and I added you a little more of Christmas spirit. 
So yeah, Ukrainian Christmas was yesterday and I actually almost slept all day and even was alone, as everybody else went to relatives to celebrate and, unfortunately, my gum very swelled and hurted, so Christmas went not as planned. But it's okay, as Christmas eve was great and on Christmas I still had a lot of food (that was hurt to eat, so after breakfast I decided not to eat all day:D), I rested from everyone , watch an interesting travel show and slept most of the time, because if you have a lot of sleep, almost eveything stops hurting. Believe me, I slept two days and feel great. 😄

Actually the real reason why I am doing this post is to write a little about how people in Ukraine celebrate Christmas. Tell me if in your country people doing something similar. I think it's interesting!

First, our Christmas eve starts from moment you can see a first star in the sky, so when it's in the sky you can finally eat festive food. All hungry people and kids love to search for the first star. I was doing it, when was younger.
On the table should be at least 12 meals or more, they represent Jesus's 12 disciples. The main one is kutia. You should try at least 3 spoons of it before you eat other food. It's usually made from wheat, honey, halva e.t.c.
Since Christmas kids and people from church love to sing carols, you should give them a little bit of money for this. Just like on Halloween but money instead of candy. But you can give sweets too. By the way, one of the most carols ''Carol of the bells'' is originally Ukrainian carol and called ''Schedrik'' and have absolutely different lyrics. I like both, but Ukrainian one is more unusual to me.
Boys since New Year day can ''sow'' seeds houses, but girls only can since Christmas.
Also predictions is big part of Christmas for young girls who love mystery. We have many ways to predict future these days, but the most scary one when an unmarried girl should sit alone darkness with a mirror and a candle and look in that mirror before she will see a spirit in the mirror that will be look the same as her future husband. After you see him you should say something like ''fuck you'', so spirit will escape and won't hurt you.
By the way, we tried to predict our future with my niece and signs said that somebody gonna propose me in spring or autumn, while my niece will meet her love this year but should wait many years before her wedding haha. Also it's said I'll move out. So that's it! ⛄


  1. We don't have many traditions similar here at least ones we practice. American Christmas is very commercial, all about gifts and food. Religious Christians try to stray away but they often fall in the same pit.

  2. I don't have Xmas spirit but I love staying at home. You have a lot of traditions!

  3. That's cool. I like your blog. Go to my blog

  4. Sound really interesting! And totally different from how we celebrate here in Germany 😊

    xx, Eleonora

  5. Christmas is normally a family gathering here, but last year we did not have much of that I hope this year will be different.

  6. Your Post Is Very Wonderful,i Really Like it,it's So useful info,thank you so much dear for Sharing..


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