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Friday, January 5, 2018


These days it's very hard to keep blogging. I didn't have the Internet again. It's weird, usually, it happens like one time in the year. For some reasons it wants to happen when I do blogmas. Meh.

Today I wanted to talk about dreams we see at night. Especially about dreams we see these days. January is like the month of prophetic dreams. Especially the first part. I knew it all my life. So it's the best time to predict your future (in Ukraine we have many ways to get know about future during winter holidays). Also these days signs in dreams are more powerful. 

Reason I talk about this - I had a weird dream in the first night of the year. I don't remember that I ever had a dream in New Year's night (probably because I almost don't sleep that night). 
I googled that dream in the first night is showing  things will happen this year. There is no way that this will happen already this year, but meaning of it... who knows! I hope so! It was almost impossible to find information about meaning of this dream, because, as I said, it's very weird.
Meaning I found: either I'll win something big, will get good money and happiness, either I'll get.. pregnant (no way!). It's so different haha!
Another reason why I though this dream could mean something is that was about a human I didn't think a lot of time, especially, during New Year's eve! So it's definetely tales of my brain.
That's about a girl we were very close since I remember myself to time she started to date boys and you know how it happens, she didn't need me anymore... I was very mad at her and we had fracas, but we reсently started to greet each other, as it was a long time ago, I don't care about this situation anymore.
So it's suprised she was in my New Year's dream. Shortly, everything seemed very real, I saw every detail of her flat and felt things. She looked very tired, sick and skinny and she had a few months baby and had nobody to help her, and although I was still a little mad at her and I was trying to be nice to her and to help her, as I felt sad about all her situation.

Maybe it just means we will have better relations, but I prefere to win lottery as meaning of the dream promises haha!

Did you have some weird dreams during these days or even in New Year's night?
Love this strawberry thing for tea I've got from my sister for New Year.
If you wonder what I do mostly when I don't have the Internet - I do sand pictures with my niece haha! I think I like it even more than my niece does.
Look at this minion! It's so cute! For some reasons the camera doesn't show right size, but it's half of me!

Did you ever go to the shop for something and bought the whole store except that thing? It's me when I went for super girl and ended with the fact I didn't find it, but have two bags of gifts for my niece's birthday.
Also I really wanted a kinder, cause I didn't eat this a million years and never bought for myself, actually. I've got a nice Hello Kitty in the bathroom hehe!
A little bit of decoration I decorated with my niece, so it's now look like Blogmas. ☃

Drawing of my niece's (How many times I said niece? Sorry but while she has winter holidays I almost always with her) drawing gives really great holiday vibes.

The next blogmas will be super festive, hope, I'll have the Internet, LOL!


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