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Thursday, December 14, 2017

What Christmas gifts I bought? | GIFT IDEAS

I wonder if you guys bought all presents for holidays, did you? My all gift are bought and arrived from online stores. I ordered most of them in first days in November to be sure they will arrive before holidays.
By the way, some of you porobably know, but in Ukraine almost all families have tradition exchange gifts on New year eve insteed Christmas as in most (probably) countries. I think it because we have Christmas week later after New year so nobody have strength to wait the whole week to get their presents and it's cool to have new things in a new year, I mean just after 12 a.m. or in the first morning of the year, it gives feeling of new year, like a year only started, but you already have something new in your life.
So, anyway, I want to give you a few ideas for gifts if you didn't buy all of them. 

Presents for someone who want change the home decor. Do you see this silver stones on background of gifts? Well, it's one of them. I know my mom wanted to change some things in one of the room but didn't want to do big changes (they are hard and take a lot of time). We have problems with wallpapers in one little piece of a wall, but it's pretty dumb to change the all wallpapers in the room for a little piece and I found these fake stone stickers and I thought that will be perfect to glue them there. Also I hope silver will look good with gold wallpapers... really not sure, but they shine the same way.
For someone who have new home. My sister bought a new apartment this year and needed to buy a lot of furnitures and it take a lot of  money so in first time people don't buy decorations, so I thought it's the perfect option. I saw some cute lamps and a little girly dream catcher seems nice for decoration of first own room of my niece.
For someone who loves baking. Look at these cute baking shapes we have in shops! Seriously! That's one of the things we don't buy usually for ouselves but would like to get as gifts. 
I find a set of all classic Christmas shapes for my grandmother, but when I was ordering this I forgot my grandmother is going to Italy for the whole winter and have no idea what to do with this set haha! Maybe this a sign that I sould starttpo study how to bake cookies. It would cool to do it on Christmas.
For kids who has the collection of all toys in the world. For my niece I was always choosing toys on the all previous holidays, but when we counted that she only have 40 Barbies and a few hundred of Kinder Suprise toys, 6 years old Alina with her 30 cents doll in one hand and 25 years old doll in second inside me died of jealousy.
I thought it will be cool to buy something a set of DIY. I thought about a DIY jewelry set, cosmetics set for little girls (because she's afraid of cosmetics for some reasons lol), big puzzles (that are good for brain band and now she's new in school and studying is hard for her) and I decided to get a set for making drawings with sand. Sounds cool and good for creativity!
For who was born just this year. My nephew have bunch of teeth that grow and hurt, so he's chewing everything (and me too) and already loves books (especially words, not pictures that are pretty weird), so I couldn't find anything better as a cutest chewing toy and a book-toy (not paper one, because, I had problems with this a few weeks ago when I didn't look at him for 3 seconds and he had time to swallow a piece of paper and basically had a heart attack but he liked it and wanted more of paper).
For everyone. Box of chocolate works for 99% of people, just like a cake. Or 
a handmade caramel candy or a chocolate bar. Better if it will have an interesting shape, like for my niece I've got with her favourite Peppa pig. Christmas socks will be nice, they are so cool that sometimes I wear them in summer. Also I found a glass with light and it has a few colours. It's the cheapest gift I bought but probably the coolest. Now I want one for myself.


  1. I always hate getting stumped on what to get someone, on a side note it's also really bad when your own mother doesn't know what you like...

    1. I usually have some ideas, but sometimes it's hard for me too.
      My mom is always asking or give something people always need like shampoo, gel, soap set.


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