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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Hello guys, wanted to write this post yesterday, but my niece almost killed my laptop with her tea, so I needed to wait while my laptop will dry. Actually nothing bad happened with my laptop (suddenely after I wrote this my computer started to write a million of 5's in this post and 5 (right one only, where was a lot o tea) stopped to work) and right "." too).

But anyway I wanted to write post about my worst things I bought online and regret buying... but wait, 5 of these things I've got for a blog review, so better to say I regret writing a review on this shit. I think shop owners should start to think and get that they need to send to bloggers (better to all costumers, of course) goof quality items, because bloggers will write about bad side of their products and readers of their blogs will know it and definetely won't buy anything from their store.

Anyway let's start with a lipstick I've got from one beauty store (you can actually find this lipstick at every Chinese online store). I was interested to try it because they were a lot of cool unusual colors (I chose silver one) and I remember it costed only 99 cents. 
It's called Denimer and the shop promises it has long lasting that is 105% true. It's that long lasting that you can never clean off it of your lips and they will be with silver all your life.  I tried to apply pretty and make it bright, but I still got lipstick only in some parts of lipstick, in other ones it's transparent at all so it's really bad pigmented and you won't get pretty silver color no matter how you try.
But the worst is feeling it feels like you wear a nail polish instead of a lipstick, or even like a super glue.
I love chockers, but classic ones havereally bad quality. Mine I wore around one week after it became as big like it's the chocker for an elephant.
UV lamp for gel nail polishes. Nothing bad I can say about this lamp, just want to recommend not to buy little UV lamps like I have. Better to spent 15 dollars more but to get a good one it will save you a lot of time. You have no idea how much time it takes to get a manicure with it so that's why I use usual nail polishes.
Here I have set of  bracelet that costs around $60, another one costed around $30 and silver chain as a free present.
On the photo you can see how beautifull it looked in the first day, it didn't last more than a week. 
The shop promisses it's made of real silver and a little of gold, but silver and gold don't turn into something black in a few days. 
By the way, my sister bought the same bracelet for one dollar.
The next thing is thing I bought for my camera and didn't cost that cheap. There is no cheap flashes in ther world. Problm with this flash ring it's doesn't make a photo looks brighter like a real flash. I gives light like a little pocket flashlight, but still needs a lot of energy. I should put 4 new batteries in it every time I use it, it's not that cheap. After 20 minutes of using batteries don't have more energy. I've never anything like that, it's probably the worst camera flash ever.
And another beauty thing I got for a review is whitening strips for teeth. Firstly, they are way overpriced , even if it was good, but it's bad. Effect it gives is strong pain after using it a few days and it whitens your teeth only in parts it wants (aslmost nowhere) and that white weird things dissapear after two days anyway. 


  1. I've had a few duds myself, you never quite know sometimes

  2. I ever bought t-shirt and it ended up like banner
    so rough and really uncomfortable. It cost almost $20 wtf

    come and visit my blog,

  3. I've bought a few wrong things online and I felt so sad when they arrived at home...

  4. Very interesting and so honest post!

  5. Great post just as your all blog. I think that you are an awesome blogger, and I wish you luck in future! Kisses :* If you want, look my blog and follow me if you like it. <3




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