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Saturday, December 16, 2017

my beauty mistakes

Everybody makes beauty mistakes, especially, in childhood and early teenage times.
As you see on the photo I've always been into makeup so I was making a lot of things I wish didn't do, but anyway, everything in the past and lessons learned. So it's all for good;)

  • Red bang. Once my mom was dying her hair into burgundy-red colour and asked if I wanted to try to dye a little bit hair too. I was like 11 so never really did anything to my hair, so I was excited and, of colurse, agreed. So my mom did everything, as turned out, my mom dyed only my bang and it became burgundy and later red. It looked really bad and people were asking why I did this and couldn't wait this color will finally dissapear.
  • Bang at all. Cause it always look greasy and weird, although I always thought I look much prettier with bang.
  • Dying color bottom hair with painting for drawing instead hair mascara. My hair looked like dryed grass.
  • Wrong color foundation. At least nobody saw my pimple under this bright yellow foundation haha. Just kidding it was really awful.
  • Shaving brows. Because hair can not to grow anymore in some places, but thanks god that it grew after a few months.
  • Applying eyeshadows without mascara. Especially pink. Looked like I always cry, though it's sort of true.
  • Having long nails in elementary school. It looked very awkward, but I felt super cool and all other girls were jealous haha.
  • Drawing thicker brows then I actually had. I was spending a lot of time on my brows (like 50% of time I spent on my makeup), now I do  it 10 seconds.
  • Too long sun bathing. Once I was on vacation with my family and I found out it was the last day before we're going back home. I didn't have tan at all (because I always was swimming in a sea). So on the last day I tried to get tan all day and in the evening my all sking was in sort of  weird pimples. It looked like I killed my skin.
  • Wrong applying of fake tan. Be careful with these tan products!
  • When I was sixteen I used to have black / shiny silver eyeshadows as my everyday makeup.
What's your beauty mistakes?


  1. I think everyone cringes at most of what they had done at that age, even if it was mostly them being over-critical of themselves. There are some old photos that nobody comments on of mine, but I hated the way I looked for whatever reason.

    1. I have some really bad pictures when I was like 15 and everybody still can find it on the internet cause some haters copy them before I deleted on my social media... It's pretty annoying that I can't delete my own photos from the internet.


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