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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


First what I want to say is hello, I missed you! <3
Seems like two weeks+ blog breaks are okay for me now this year. I knew I was bad in 2017 as a  blogger, but gosh, I checked out how many posts I wrote and I saw it's like 5 posts in a month (8 maximum and just 3 posts in July). I'm pretty shocked! Normally 20-30 posts was okay. I even remember times I was writing 50 posts on my previous blog, but I was writing short and quick posts, usually, if to focus on quality also it's unreal.
I also noticed that January was pretty normal - I wrote 18 posts that month (of course, January is always fun, have a million holidays (at least, here, in my country) and we have inspiration for everything) and after it something went wrong, just after real Chinese year of the rooster started, in one moment my life changed, some bad things started to happen. I think I started to believe in horoscopes (professional ones) more now. Also I know that bad things that happened will change in February just when year of the dog will start ( things become weird, right? 😂).
This year wasn't lucky not only for the blog, but for me. Nothing very bad happened, but nothing good too. It was an empty lost year with negative people and chaos around.
I was thinking what happened good with me this year. And these things I can count with a help of my one hand. First - my newphew was born in May, and second - my New year wish I made in New year eve became true. I wished my stomachace problems I had during week or sometimes two every month stopped. I didn't have it since the new year started even once. I had this problem since 2013 after I had a long depression because my bestfriend and boyfriend left me just in the same time. I don't know if it all have connection, but seems like yes. So guys, try always to be happy and you will have less health problems!;) Also we should wish to win a few million in lottery this New year eve, cause seems like New year wishes work haha!
Anyway now I have a big inspiration for blogging and have plans to write a pretty a lot posts (as for this year) before New year (mostly they will have festive theme). And later, in 2018, I will be focus on the blog as as I could. So yeah, I won't be missing anymore. Maybe the new post will be tommorow! I'll try... don't think that it will have problems! 🍒


  1. 2017 was hard for some bloggers too, maybe because instagram is so hype nowadays.
    Don't you think so? :)


    1. Yes, it is! Especially this year it became so fashionable to be a instablogger. But for me it doesn't work the same as the blog.
      There is too hard to write long posts, read them and a lot other problems. Plus, mostly, nobody read posts there. So I choose use Instagram for instast short posts as it supposed to be.
      It pretty stinks that blogs are not popular as youtube channels and instagram mini-blogs, although they are my favourite.

  2. Hard year... relationship ans health problems sometimes come together. I hope 2018 will be better!

  3. Goodluck with the blog, I hope you continue. We all feel like giving up sometimes. If you love it, don't stop.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Thank you, good luck with yours in 2018 too! ♥


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