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Friday, December 29, 2017


 Didn't wait to see a post from me this year? I didn't! Can't believe I'm finally on the blog... or, at least, use my laptop! As you could know from my previous post that was like 10 days ago that my niece spilled a drink on my laptop and for the first day I turned off and let to dry, but turned on probably too fast or something else happened because after I wrote the post that everything's fine, on the second day it didn't want to turn on. I was trying to turn it on a few days but gave up like a week ago and even had no hope, just wanted to check it out before I'll take to a computer store for repair and, suuuupriiiise, it works! I'm so happy that I don't need to buy a new one now and will have connection with you guys during these winter holidays (in Ukraine they only started). Yes, it's old laptop that has a million problems, but I love this laptop so much... Do you have things that are like really old but you use it because you still love them haha? Anyways, I had another plans for the next year how to spent money and buying a new laptop wasn't one of them.
That my laptop is stoping to work during winter holidays when I needed this the most and can't even repair describes my whole 2017 year. Oh gosh, when it will end?

So that's it! Hope my laptop will continue to work and I will keep posting or if it will die again, I will have a new one after Ukrainian Christmas ( January 7th ). Will hope I could write during holidays, but today I wanted to talk about spirit of winter holidays, especially, New year's one, as it will just in three days!!! I often hear how people complain that New year isn't the same what was in childhood, but ain't we create our own holiday mood? 
Yeah, it was a fairy holiday when I was a little girl, but you know what? Nothing changed for me... probably because I'm one of those people who give  somebody to change ourselves because society wants that or we should act our age. So I want to share my rules how to have a New year's mood.

☃ Don't complain if there's no snow outside, cause actually you're lucky. Especially, people from countries where is no snow don't understand it. Actually, snow doesn't give you that spirit, if you're  not 5 years old and you're gonna ride your sleigh. Actually snow has a friend named ice and you basically can't go anywhere and you can't ride your car well too when it happens. Plus white shiny snow turns into brown dirty thing in a few hours.
And never trust movies which show makings a snowman is fun. It's freaking cold and long. Brrr...
☃ Be surrounded by people who has this spirit. Either make them to have it, either if it doesn't work, run away from them, cause people around us is the main thing that can give us right mood. With sad angry people you won't have a fun holiday!
☃ Decorate your house. Especially with handmade decorations by you and kids. Even that doesn't look perfect, it will look perfect for holidays like that and will have strong holiday vibe you will feel, cause it's made with love.
The same thing but when you decorate your Christmas tree or just house, don't forget about old decorations you used when you was little. We all have things like that, right? How can somebody throw away decorations with which you have so many memories?
☃ Re-watch your favourite Christmas movie insteed of watching new ones. I have a big list of great Christmas movies on the blog  though.
☃ Don't forget to make a wish when it will be New year's midnight and believe it. Here's a little inspiration from me - my wish I made this year came true.
☃ Be creative with dishes you cook for holidays. Like try to make to look like it's a snowman, Santa or a symbol of this year (The yellow earth dog). It works ver good!
☃ Buy as many Christmas lights as you can. Seriously, these little things work!
☃ Go to the city center to see the main Christmas tree and other beautiful decorations. Actually, as for me, even windows with Christmas lights of my neigbors were enough and that made me to be so exited about holidays.
☃ Think about your goals and plans for the next year. A lot of cool things are going to happen, right? So after this you're surely will be exited about the new year!


  1. We rarely have snow and if we do, it's in Feb or March usually

    1. We have snow in April sometimes, but this year probably won't have snow for this New year. I heard it's should be mix of rain and snow. But pretty sure it will be snowy on Christmas, cause I didn't have Christmas without snow, it's usually snowing here those days.

  2. Very inspirational post dear!
    Happy New Year, wish you all the best :***


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