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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Guys I wanted to write this post a few days ago but I always rememeber everything about everything after midnight when I have no strenth for blogging hehe. Also my nephew turned 6 months yesterday so we celebrated it and it was a really cute day.
So today I wanted to talk about Instagram. I have some posts Instagram on the blog and you liked it. But today I want to talk about mistakes many people do. I mean if you don't care about number of your followers and post photos for just friends, it's okay to do everything you want, but as you open this post you're probably interested how to get more followers and what maybe you do wrong with your Instagram.

♥ You have too difficult nickname. Nicknames sort of @superbat97316789 is hard to remember, probably even for owner of this nickname. So there is no way when you say to your friend to follow you that he will do it... cause he won't remember it.
Plus these names don't look pretty and... is it just me or they're pretty annoying?
There is no any famous person on Instagram with nickname that hard to remember.
Try just your name (if it's rare), name + last name, words that describes you the most, something you like. 

♥ You post too many photos. Your Instagram can be amazing but people don't want to see only your photos. I think posting more than 3 photos a day is too much. Especially when they're similiar,or people just will like only first picture they see and will ignore other.

♥ There is no reason to follow you. You have to find something special about your photos feed. Maybe you have cute pets, so you can post best photos of them and animal lovers will like your page, or maybe you like to take pictures of sunsets, or maybe you're just an interesting person so people will like photos of yourself the most.

♥ You don't know your followers. Find what photos have more likes. Why don't you take photos like that?

♥ Your photos look great but your account isn't. I saw many accounts with awesome photos but for some reasons I didn't want follow them. It can happens when your photos are too different and it look very not professional. It look like an owner of that account don't care if his feed look good or not. 
Recently I tried new thing. Every 9 photos have the same or similiar color. For example, the last time it was pink and now I post dark photos. Just need to post one and will start to post red/golden/yellow photos.

For today it's all! Comment me if you want the second part of thi post!

Follow my Instagram if you like it though;)


  1. Very nice article,I have come after a long time. But always missing you. Keep in touch <3

  2. Great ideas! I have to think about my Instagram feed!

    1. I just started recently too. Still far away to perfect in it;)


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