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Saturday, November 11, 2017

My Weirdest Fears

For Halloween I was doing posts about my scary stories and I've got inspiration to do something similar like to tell my weird fears because I definetely have a few. 

Little dogs. Because they bark like all the time and do this loudeer than most of big dogs. I mean their barking like screaming. 
Around two weeks ago I scared by one dog to heartache. I was almost around my house when I was back the shop and went down the quite road. Nobody was walking around that road, and suddenely, very, very loud barking. First, I was wondered how it happened because I haven't seen any dogs. Turned out it was a tiny pug on a balcony.
My friend and grandmother laughing at me because of it. But actually dogs bark at me more often than most of people I have a dissability and dogs don't like people with dissabilities, the same as drunk people or people on bisycles.

Trains and rails. I was afraid of it all my life. Maybe it is because my unckle died in young age because train driver haven't seen him (or didn't have time to stop the train as it's very hard to do it quickly). Better don't continue to read this story if you're sensetive! He was going to the school... Very scary and sad story. The train destroyed him to pieces. If I was a mother I had no strenth to see my child like this and bring pieces of him from the rails.
Sister of my grandmother was so strong and have very hard life and not only because of it, her daughter died in young age too, plus, she died because of skin cancer. Still remember how she decided to give me a lesson of Biology (she was a teacher) and we were talking about life and she said phrase: "I don't want to die so much!". Thinking about it makes me cry.

Old elevators. Since childhood prefer stairways. And this August when I needed to be in a hospital everyday and to walk to different parts of biggest hospital in the city million times a day I was choosing stairways.
I don't like any types elevators but old ones are worst because they don't care if you still in an elevator and just close.
Also I'm afraid that when I will be in an elevator, it will stop moving and it will be blackout. Though it already happened two or three times with me.

Dolls. I explained it one of my last posts about my scary stories. Shortly, my niece had sort of ghost inside of her doll. More infortmation in that post. I even have photos of that ghost and doll on the blog.

To look at things in darkness. Everything looks like monsters and ghosts in darkness hehe. 

Bonus: It can sounds funny but now I'm sort of afraid of something under my bed (monster haha?). A few nights ago I was almost sleeping and something knocked on bottom part of my bed. Ah it was sooo scary! Especially because it was after I wrote about my scariest stories (by the way I didn't finish many of them, but Halloween is gone so I'm not sure if I should do the third part). Maybe it was a rat or mouse, but then why nobody saw it? Hm. Someone has ideas what's it can be?
Do you have any weird fears?


  1. You really have weird fears :D I'm afraid of flying objects, darkness etc...:D and old elevators too, I always fear that it will go down as soon as I start stepping out of it.

    1. Are you afraid of unidentified flying objects or just flying objects?
      Yes, that what I meant about old elevators, though a few times I was in a modern transparent elevators even with a transparent floor... that wasn't less scary!

  2. Little dogs are often pretty annoying and mean.

  3. I don't know why but Little dogs scary to me too. They bark so loud!


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