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Sunday, November 5, 2017


Hi guys! How your November is going? Just wanna share with you some quick beauty tips I know. Hope it will be really useful for you!

♥ If for some reasons you have now only big brushes and you need to do your eye makeup, I have an idea how to make a little one from big one without destroying. Big eyshadow brush + hair gum - little brush.
♥ Transparent lipstick will make your eyeshadow last way longer and it is fashionable now to have this glow on your eyelids and just pretty, so you should try this trick out!
♥ If your foundation is too dark for your skin, add a little bit of moisturizer to it to lighten your foundation.
♥ Sleeping propped up on two pillows instead of one can help reduce puffiness by helping drain fluid from your face.
♥ Add some concealer before applying lipstick, It’ll make it  fashionable mattet and it’ll also keep your lipstick on longer.
♥ Sray your bobby pins with hairspray before you put them in anf your hairstyle will long all day.
♥ Gel for shaving and sugar or coffee mix is a great scrub for face and body.
♥ Have mascara on your eyelid? Use mascara tool I showed one of the previous posts or a hygienic lipstickon mascara.
♥ Save a lot of time by drying your hair with a T-shirt instead of a towel.
♥ Use a chapstick as a highlighter and a blush.
♥ Use brigh eyeshadow as hair mascara.
♥ Water + a little of balm make you hair straight or you can use easy brushing spray for kids.
♥ Melt you lipstick add coffe and put it back, now your chapstick is great scrub for lips.


  1. You always seem to be very talented with it

  2. I've used transparent gloss on my eyelids and shadows look pretty cool. Great tip!

  3. such a cool look! Thanks for sharing !

  4. I'd love to see a post on how you did your makeup in these pictures if that's something you've considered doing before? Your eye makeup looks stunning - what did you use?

    Kerrabella |


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