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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Autumnal Questions | TAG

Hello guys! I found very cute fall TAG with nice questions I never answered, so I thought why not to do something autumnal while everybody still not very into Christmas, although I'm pretty sure that in 2 weeks most of bloggers will write posts about their Christmas wishlists, gift ideas, winter recipes... Guys, you have no idea how I'm alredy excited about winter holidays and especially the new year. Like never before!!! I'm serious! Ah! But we still have the whole two months, so let's do this autumnal questions TAG. If you read it, I tag you as well!

1. Flannels or Jumpers?

Jumpers. You know why? Cause I'm lazy. I'm too lazy to button up.

2. Fairy lights or Candles?

First at all,  I don't like anything with fire. Fire is one of my biggest fears so I ignore candles and adore fairy lights. I have mine in my room I think for two years so I use them as decoration for every season, not only  as Christmas decoration.

3.  What's your favourite Halloween movie?

I hate horror movies, but like some Halloween fairytale movies. Recently I watched two parts of Halloweentown and really like the first movie. But every Halloween cartoons especially by Tim Barton are my favourite.

4. Are you a pumpkin spiced junkie?

Never tried it, that's not very popular in Ukraine. Not a fan of pumpkin but pumpkin pie and puncakes are good.

5. Hot chocolate or Tea?

Hot chocolate is like the best autunal drink as cocoa.

6. Rain or Fog?

Both are pretty cool if they're not too strong.

7. Do you decorate your home for autumn?

Well I did this year for thr first time. With curved oranges (instead pumpkins), painted leaves and candles.

8. Favourite vampire?

I like Edvard from Twilight. In love with him since 2009 when I've seen the movie for the first time. But now my love for Twilight is not very strong after the last part I was upset about...
Also I like everybody from Hotel in Transylvania. OMG watch this cartoon if you didn't yet! I watched it a few days ago and now it's one of my favourite cartoons ever.

9. Do you have any autumn traditions?

Umm if watching Harry Potter, Twilight, Halloween cartoons and buying warm clothes could be called traditions then yes.

10. What's your favourite Autumn colour?

I like dark green, burgundy, mustard yellow (really want a sweater of this color) and, of course, black.

11. Do you like horror movies?

No... I watched them in childhood and still have a bad sleep haha.

12. What's your favourite autumn scented candle?

Vanilla or chocolate scented candles are perfect.

13. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Both are not very popular in my country, but at least everybody (except very old people) know about Halloween and people started to celebrate, a little, while, as I know, Thanksgiving is an American holiday so it has no sense to celebrate it here.

14. What's your favourite thing about autumn?

Crunchy leaves, colourful trees ( that last like 2-3 days:( ), foggy mornings, mushrooms, unique vibe, new seasons of favourite shows.

15. Favourite -ber month?

December haha. No, I know that I should choose from autumn months. It can be any of them exept dirty, grey and ugly November. I like September cause it's still warm and October cause it's pretty and already has this fall air I love.

16. Do you prefer autumn or winter? Why?

Winter... Cause it has very magical vibes during winter holidays and after New year eve we're super inspirational and excited for new year. And I like when it's snowing and white trees are everywhere and I feel like I'm in a wonderland.

17. What's your Halloween costume dream?

Hmm never dreamed about it, cause if I dreamed about a costume, I could just buy it. Not a problem in 2017.

18. Favourite witch?

Probably Sabrina from The Teenage Witch and Elvira from Mistress of the Dark.

19. Where would you like to spend your Halloween?

I don't like parties and too old to trick or treating (plus it's a little dangerous as some people here think holiday is satanic and I had trouble with my friends when we were doing it) so decorating home, eaing candies and watching Hallowen cartoons with my niece was fine for me.

20. Scarf or Hat?

It depends on weather, but with my hair I basically don't need a hat and wear scarfs more often.

21. Favourite tree?

Never thought about it. Maybe plump, cherry,  apricot and wild flower. Hope any of it are trees and I said it right.
Christmas trees are cool too, especially, when they're decorated.

22. What's your dream place to visit during autumn?

I really want to visit more western cities in Ukraine and mountains.

23. Vampires or Zombies?

Vampires are my love forever.

24. Which songs do you listen to in autumn?

The same I listen to any other seasons exept a few song about autumn.

25. Bats or Spiders?

Of course cuties - bats. Who even choose spiders?

26. A walk in the woods or a walk in the shopping centre?

Woods sounds way more funny.

27. What's your favourite autumn food?

Apple and pumpkin pies, cookies with cocoa or hot chocolate...

28. Name a book that makes you think of autumn.

Harry Potter and Twilight.

29. Halloween party of Halloween movie marathon?

Not a party person, so I better will be watching good movies.

30. Favourite item of clothing for autumn?

Boots, knitted scarfs, coats, faux leather jacket, black hats.


  1. I love Halloween and Harry Potter too haha
    But I can't choose between hat or scarf... I need both of them!

  2. I'd rather have hot chocolate too

  3. Number 14 thou~
    I love autumn too
    I wish I have one in here, in Indonesia. LOL

    Come to visit my blog if you dont mind^^



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