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Saturday, November 25, 2017

25 blog ideas for winter

Hello guys! Can't believe I didn't write a week. Have no idea how it happened, I though it were like 2 days haha. It was a pretty busy week and I didn't notice it. Unfortunately and probably, in December I'm not going to do Blogmas as I was doing recent 2 (or 3?) years and I won't be very active (as this whole year), but since the new year I'm going to focus on blogging so much more. Hope since January everything will be okay with it!
Anyway, I'm gonna do some winter posts and I have some ideas and want to share it with you, if you're not sure what to write in winter as I know some people have writing block in cold weather.

  1. Let's start with tags. You can do a winter tag. I had one or two on my blog, so you can find with help of ''search''.
  2. Your favourite winter food / drinks / recipes.
  3. Holiday gift ideas / what gifts you bought / made and where to buy it or soething similiar.
  4. What's I've got for Christmas / New year (in Ukraine we exchange presents on first day of year in the morning or after midnight.)
  5. Your favourite winter outfit(s).
  6. Your winter must-haves / things
  7. you can't live without in winter.
  8. Your winter makeup.
  9. Your favourite things about winter.
  10. Things that make me being excited about winter.
  11. Winter holidays traditions in your country.
  12. Winter haul.
  13. To-do list for winter.
  14. House decorations ideas for holidays.
  15. DIY Christmas tree ornaments.
  16. The most popular posts on my blog in the last year.
  17. Interesting stories happened with you in Winter.
  18. The coolest / interesting Christmas  / New year eve in your life.
  19. How to have a cool day off if it's awful weather outside.
  20. Lessons you've learned the previous year.
  21. What changed in your life this year.
  22. Favourite movies you watched this year.
  23. The same you can do with books.
  24. Winter photoshoot tips. For me winter is hardest time for taking photos.
  25. Interestring story happened on Valentine's Day.


  1. These ideas are great! I need a lot of ideas for my Xmas gifts!


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