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Friday, October 6, 2017


Hello! Today I'm really late as always. But I don't want to push this post back to tommorow, anyway it's hard to find time for writing before midnight. I'll try to make this a quick post as today I just want to write things that made be very exciting. I'm inspired about posts about fall, so I decided I need one too. I even took this super autumn photo with super autumn tea. By the way, it's very good, absolutely recommend it, it's so tasty and smells fantastic.

🍵 I'll get my room back. So tired to live in my living room!

🍵 Well, at least later in October it will be warm at the house. It became very very very cold recently and when I inside it feels even more colder although actually it's way warmer.

🍵 In October I finish to make all documents I've been doing since July. Thesame with study. Uhhh!

🍵 That makes me finally free and I can do what the hell I want now.

🍵 I'm excited to celebrate Halloween with ''my'' kids. At least my niece started to ask about next Halloween since the previous one.

🍵 Now I have time for reading books I wanted to read a long time. And I can almost everyday to watch a movie with my sis or a cartoon with niece and nephew. I have a huge list of what I want to watch! So there will e posts about movies soon too.

🍵 Nature is becoming so beautiful!! Can't wait when everything will be yellow and a little red.

🍵It's mushroom season! I can eat them everyday. And pizza. Mushroom pizza is perfect.

🍵 I want to try to make some Halloween makeup ideas posts... but shhh I'm not 100% sure yet.
I was trying to do this in 2014  but some mystirious things were happening with photos. If you want I can tell more about it in sort of my scary stories post before Halloween.

🍵 This time inspires me. I already start to draw, to take more photos and write more on the blog.

🍵 Can't wait to wear all my super warm autumn clothes. ♥

🍵 I have very good feeling like something really good gonna happen.

Did you was excited about fall?


  1. Having your own room is nice. I'm a bit spoiled now, I have the whole house to myself and my wife.

    1. That's cool, but I'm not ready for living alone yet;)

  2. I can understand why you are waiting for october or november... you'll have a lot of fun and more free time!

  3. Yeah I love Autumn, it's just now starting to cool off here in NYC!


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