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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What I DID NOT Learn to Age 21

Every second blogger have a post sort of "94 things I learned in my 94 years" but I realized that I didn't learn way more things so that's 21 of them.
  1. Why rock is not popular anymore.
  2. Why people don't wear clothes they like just because designers say it's not popular this season.
  3. Why so many people are so angry to strangers that never did something bad to them.
  4. Why I remember that I'm a blogger only after midnight when I mostly don't have energy for it.
  5. Why cheese is so expensive. He tastes sort of like nothing or sometimes worse.
  6. Why it's still okay to kill animals.
  7. Why I'm still afraid the space under bed at night.
  8. What's interesting in naked bodies. I mean everybody has sort of the same bodies any way.
  9. Why when I was child time was so long and now since 2012 it's 5 years... crazy! And this year breaks all records.
  10. How is it happened I'm 21. Didn't I celebrate my 18th bithday just this August?
  11. How I know some English words if I'm sure that I never learn them.
  12. Why I don't have strenth to stop eating all cookies in one day I bought for the whole week.
  13. Why nobody wear something on their face (knitted masks?) in cold winter weather. My face feels cold just like other body parts.
  14. What a point to marry if you just can love without any documents to prove it.
  15. Why Instagram became "post photos like your life is perfect" social media.
  16. Why sugar at cafes are not sweet #wtf .
  17. Why some girls mostly around my age I see for the first time look at me like I stole their boyfriend and ate their piece of a chocolate cake (don't know what is even worst).
  18. How adults make friends. It feels impossible after age 6.
  19. Why old video games better than perfect modern ones?
  20. Why trees around my house became yellow jut three days ago and today they are amost bold. Way to quick. I had no time even to take some autumn photos.
  21. Why Kardashians are famous, anyway?


  1. I still don't understand the fame with the Kardashians. I thought the fame Paris Hilton had but now she's mild in comparison

  2. Very interesting post dear.

    Have a lovely day


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