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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Happy Halloween guys! It's starting! Hope you'll will have fun, I with my niece  started, sort of, to celebrate it already this evening. Tommorow going to be really nice.. at least, we'll try! Hope weather  (we have strongest winds recently) and my health will be better only. Yes, I didn't post the next part of stories in the next days because I got sick, like really sick that I couldn't even make a step or eat anything. Well now I'm better it's just a little hard to breathe for me and I have a sore throat, so today finally I have a normal day exept usually I don't take 5 pills a day. So it's probably a great day to finish Halloween stories.
Some of them really scary, ready?

Let's start with a few not scary like One with a ouija board. Who didn't do it in childhood or teenage age with friends? It was 5 years ago and I with my friends actually didn't have this board ( of course! it would be weird if we had ), so we made our own with a little opened casket haha. It was very hard to do it cause nobody believed that nobody move this thing should move alone if you touch it. But everybody was shoked when everyone touched it alone and it was moving when they don't move it. Then everybody became scared and said they trust me the most so I was only person who touched that thing later. Weird thing about it is that it gave answers on questions about our future that some already true, like proffessian of my frien. Well, then, if it's true for everybody then I'll be a singer as my board said. That's very funny, cause I only can be a shower singer. Also I know that I'll move out to a city that starts on ''Lo..'' (we didn't want to wait a million years for the whole name of the city). Everybody thought it's London like it's the only city that could be it.

Well the next story is probably the weirdest and the most stupid thing that happened with me. It's One with probably Santa Claus. It was on Chrstmas Eve... of course! And I was 15 and didn't believe in Santa and never did cause my parents are too noisy at night when they put presents under a Christmas tree.
But back to that evening I was going back home from Christmas dinner at my grandma's home and suddenely hear a sound of bells and ''HO HO HO'' that sounded from sky. I turn my head to see but because trees I've seen only a big star that looked suspecious.
Also after searces on the Internet I found out I'm not only who experienced something like that.

Ugh now scary part. Hope I'll have a good sleep this night after these stories anyway!

One with a death bell. It was around 9 of the morning and I still wanter lay in my bed but I didn't sleep and have heard how my old sick hamster is playing in his house but, then, I've heard one of loudest sound I've ever heard... sort of bell sound. It souded scary and very weird. It wasn't definetely in my head, but I had no idea if somebody heard it too. I stood up and decided to check out my hamster and he was dead.

Now we're moving the the part of this post where I will tell about my experience with ghosts.

One with a lady in reflection on a cup. My sister's job is to do different DIY things like decorating cups, so once she asked to get my camera to her flat so she could take pictures of cups she did. A little bit later she worked on a photoeditor to add colour, light e.t.c and as photo was now bigger that on camera's screen she noticed that in reflection there is woman in a very (very, very) fancy dress, she looked kind of like a Russian queen, but as reflection was too small so we forgot it while... One where I took a picture of an unusual ghost (but had no idea about it) It happened in my sister's apartent again (yes it was a really ghosty house there). I was babysitting. So was alone with my niece and tried to fix awful camera of my previous phone and I was taking 
photo after any fixing so around 15 later I decided to delete a bunch of photos of a window, but noticed one is different - it has human on it. I though it's my niece, forgot to delete photos after this confusing and went to play with my niece and then in my head started to realize that human doesn't look, so shocked me decided to check the gallery of photos again. And, yes, on the photo was a man. I was crying and now my niece was babysitting me.

I would like if it was just a ghost, cause 1,5 months later turned out that this ghost exactly look like a toy of my niece but with alive face and now it was impossible to see his niples, although the toy don't have them.
Also when I took the toy it made a 'cshhhhhh' sound that scared me and my niece. Now we throw this toy out of course.

Guys also I wanted to tell about my scariest night and newest ghost experiences but later, for today it's enough!

Happy Halloween again!


  1. My parents were really good at being quiet on xmas eve. I never heard a thing.

  2. I'm really afraid of ouija board because I have a bad expierence playing with it!


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