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Thursday, October 26, 2017


I tried to make Halloween photos with my ''brain'' candy and witch hoodie but it failed they look casual haha.

Hello guys, it's been a while since I posted the last time again. Well, 2017 is very hard blogging but anyway before reading this post I want to ask you to not read my stories if you don't believe anything mysterious. I really don't like to tell these things to people who don't believe me and think I'm a liar.
I had an evening walk a few hours ago and saw some Halloween decorations on building so it gave inspiration to write something scary.
I had many scary moments in my life but these also connected with sort of magic, call it as you want.

Well let's start with the light one where I almost died.
I was like in first grade (probably but whatever) that time and I with my mom and sister went to my cousin's birthday and it happened just around a neigbourhood of my cousine, we were walking very close to a wall of one of houses (that type of houses where a lot of flats) and suddenly bricks started falling just at us. Everything was very fast and even didn't move after have heard loud weird sound.
For some reasons we even hadn't dust on us, all bricks were around us. It felt like we had a magical capsule wiсh protected us and brick couldn't destroy this. There weren't just a few bricks, there fell to a pile of almost my height then.
Now this building is still missings them and now when I go to my cousine (she moved to exactly that house) I recollect this scary feeling I had.

Next is pretty light too - one with famous physic that broke our spoon. I just watched a show about physics. I was in a room with my sister and mom again ( why my dad is always missing the most interesting things ;D? ). A host said to get a spoon from a kitchen so got it left around a TV set. Then one very famous physic ( I think his last name is Geller ) from UK or USA said that he's going to break spoons of viewers. We didn't believe it at 99% but just in a few seconds our spoon became hot and broke.
I was shoock in a good way and gave me home that in our boring world we have a little bit of magic. How do you think it was a strenth of though of that physic of ours?

These stories were one of my first strange things that happened with me. But there is another one that's very old.

One with a magical phone toy. This toy almost made me think I'm crazy in my childhood.
Tha was a simple pink phone for girs that was already a little broken and even didn't have batteries. Problem was in a screen that was made of paper. I mean it was a sticker glued on the plastic phone. There were time on it. And mysterious part of this numbers were changing almost everyday. Do you understand what I mean? FREAKING PRINTED NUMBERS ON THE FREAKING STICKER HAD ABILITY TO FREAKING CHANGE! That blew my mind! There where time when I was a normal human and didn't believe anything, so of course I thought I'm just a little crazy girl haha. But I had a friend who loves everything mysterious so he believed me and we did an experement. I show a current time (on a phone toy) and asked to remember it (it was 10:35), on the next day I showed the phone, there was time 11:25...
Somebody has theories what was it? It's still one of the mysterious things in my life.

Well let's finish this first part of more lightest mysterious stories with one with Halloween makeup photos fail.
Didn't sound scary but funny haha? That was 2014 and tried to take photos of my Halloween makeup. I was home alone. And then I was shook and scared as hell when I saw photos. No! I didn't look that ugly how it happens sometimes!:D I just looke scary... I mean I looked like always but eyes were totally black, even white parts. Other parts of photos were okay, so I don't think it's just my camera fail...
I don't know who was it on those photos but not me. I was afraid to take photos around a month after it ( it's a lot for photo lovers so I gave up).

So these are not very scary stories happened with me, check out my blog tommorow for the scariest part. I'll talk about ghosts, the scariest years and especially night in my life and ghost thing happened just two months ago.


  1. I don't have scary stories as yours... I'm always afraid of these stories but I love read about them. I can't avoid it!

  2. I haven't had any spooky happen to me


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