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Saturday, October 14, 2017


Hello guys!  What's your favourite movie director? I can't say mine yer for sure, as I only start to watch more movies recently. But I watched many movies of Chris Columbus, even when I was a kid. I love family comedies - type of movies he does.
By the way, some of these movies he directed and some were written by them.
Let's start with Christmas movies. They're all in my top 10 Christmas movies and watched many Christmas movies so these definetely worth to see.
 ☃ Home Alone (1, 2). 
☃ Jingle all the way.
☃ Christmas with Kranks.

 My favourite fantasy saga - Harry Potter. Columbus made first three movies... and probably they're my favourite. They are more light and kind then next ones.
 😜 Pixels. This about how pixels from famous video games attacked the world. Very easy movie that kids really like.
👽 Gremlins. About cute creatures that can become really scary ones if you'll give them eat after midnight.
🎤 Heartbreak hotel. About how son stole Elvis Presley for his mom and superfan of Elvis.
👶 Tallulah. Another movie about stealing, but not celebrities:) For this time it's about stealing a baby from bad parents.
 👫 Nine months. Some moments made me laugh.
👪 Stepmom. One of my favourite movies for a long time.
📖 The help. About black people in 60's. Very interesting. Have no idea it was happening just 50 years ago.
👴 Bicentennal man. Great actors, unusual story and cute movie.
 Night at the museum movies are amazing and good to watch with kids.
Movies about adventures of kids / teens. 
Here are two amazing movies since 80's that I saw only recently - Adventures of babysitting and The goonies. They are great. I'll be re-watching the a lot of times in future.
Also Persy Jackson movies are pretty good, reminds me of Harry Potter, but definetely worse.


  1. it's crazy how many movies he's made

  2. I first heard of Christ Columbus because of Harry Potter but it's crazy to see how many films he's been involved with! He's a film genius!

  3. I'm Harry Potter fan! Love all the movies.


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