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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

13 Things that destroy your hair

Hi, guys, I only said I'm going be active and 2 days later things become really bad. On the second day I woke up with a swelled face. Not a little. I didn't look like myself at all. I had huge upper lip, huge nose, big cheeks and one little eye with big bag under it.
Only fun thing about it that night I had a dream like I made my lips bigger and, boom - I have big lips in reality (when I only woke up only my lip was swelled). So first when I woke up I though it's a mystery (I was just too sleepy). 
Also I had an awful pain in my neck for a few days that make blogging 100% impossible. So mostly I tried to lie. Once when the pain was very weak I decided to go to buy some food. Oh never try it as me if you have a pain in your neck. Because things became way worse.
What about now. Everything is almost great.
Any way, I feel like an old lady that complainsa about her health haha. But I thought not blogging after telling I'm going be active without telling why even more stupid.

So today I wanted to talk about health too, but about health of hair and to give a few tips what you never should do if you want have a healthy pretty hair.
I talk about now because I ty to make my hair better now too, although everybody say compliments about my hair more often than about something else, I have problems with hair too. I write this post as motivation for me and you. Here are a few things we should always remember that they are our bad habbits that destroy hair.

  1. High ponytail or bun.
  2. Washing hair more than 2-3 times a week.
  3. Using a dryer just after washing your hair.
  4. And dryer should be not less than 15 centimeters away from the hair.
  5. Too tight braids.
  6. Tight hair elastics.
  7. Flat iron or curling iron before the hair is completely dry.
  8. Sun light can dry out your hair.
  9. The same situation with lemon juice.
  10. Not cleaning your hair brush regulary.
  11. Not cutting a few centimeters of dead ends every second month.
  12. Brushing wet hair.
  13. Towel-drying is not good too.


  1. My wife had a bit fall out every-time she takes a shower, probably right there

  2. Very sorry that you have pain or swollen lips and all. Hope you feel better soon! As for hair, I do all that is bad then :) I wash many times a week, brush when wet, don't cut the ends for years and so on :) I may try to take better care of it now :)

  3. I do a lot of things bad for my hair... I'll try to do better!

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