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Thursday, September 7, 2017

WHAT TO WRITE IN AUTUMN | 23 Fall Blog Post Ideas

Wow! That was first week of autumn. And I still didn't write a post about my August favourites. I mean I write this kind of posts pretty rarely but this August I had some things to share with you, so definetely my favourites will be on of the next posts. I just need to take a few photos, but know I want to share with you some ideas what you can write this fall. Maybe you'll find something you like, especially if you're a lifestyle blogger as me.

  1. So as I said you can write about your favourites from August or even whole summer.
  2. Write a list of perfect books for autumn you read.
  3. If you didn't read something like that yet, write about books you want to read this autumn.
  4. Write recipes of your favourite fall dishes. Pies, something with apple or pumpkin will be perfect.
  5. You can your creepy DIY food for Halloween. I tried it one year. That's really fun!
  6. Share recipes of your favourite hot drink to make this autumn to be more cosy.
  7. Also you can share ideas how to decorate home to Halloween. It will be better if it's DIY post then everybody could do it. If you never tried it before, try this year! Why not?
  8. Write about your favourite movies that you like to watch in autumn.
  9. Write a list of your favourite Halloween movies, cartoons or some Halloween episodes of any show. For example, I like Halloween episodes of ''Sabrina the teenage witch'', though every episode of it is perfect for Halloween.
  10. Recommend shows to watch to your readers. There are a lot of new shows start in September every year. 
  11. Share your idea of makeup for Halloween. It works for males too! You can try to do makeup of scary clown or pirate or something else that will look good for it.
  12. Share some ideas for Halloween costumes.
  13. Write fall things you in love with. Like autumn nature or sweater weather.
  14. Write Must to-do this autumn list. You can personal one or post more for readers with ideas what cool they can do this autumn.
  15. Write a autumn tag.
  16. The best makeups / hairstyles / outfits for school / university #backtoschool.
  17. Show your collection of your favourite sweaters and don't forget to write where your readers can find them.
  18. Tips for studying.
  19. Write about the best fall trend everybody need to try.
  20. Write your wish list for fall 2017.
  21. Write reasons why you're exiting for autumn. That can be personal like you will have birthday or something everybody can relate as ''it's time of the year that perfect for a cup of hot chocolate, an interesting book and watching at rain outside''.
  22. Your favourite autumn moments from the last year.
  23. Or write scary story like maybe you saw a ghost or something else scary happened to you.


  1. I've never seen a ghost, kinda do and don't want to.

  2. Great brainstorming! I need a lots of ideas!

    1. Hope it helped to get some inspiration for new blog posts!

  3. Some great ideas there! I want to make more of an effort for Halloween, I was thinking I might do some themed baking. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Oh I wish I was that good at baking to write posts about it.

  5. Thanks a mill for the inspo! x



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