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Saturday, September 9, 2017


Autumn is the best time of the year to watch movies... well, winter is great too, but mosly we watch just Christmas movies that time, right? So I want to share with you this movies TAG, so maybe you'll watch something I like and really recommend to watch. If you read this, I tag you to make this TAG too.
1- Favorite movie of all time?
Well, there are a lot amazing movies that have a deep message inside but anyway I never want to re-watch them again while I re-watch Christmas movies sometimes even in July. So almost any famous Christmas movie is my favourite. Because they're always great... funny and kind, and you can watch it with your whole family.
Okay, let it be Home Alone, though there a few other movies that around on the same level for me.
2- Favorite scene from that movie?
The whole movie is one my big favourite scene. Though I always loved that scene in the church, and especially when the choir starts to sing my favourite song from the movie. I was sort of proud when a few years later after my childhood I realized that actually it's Ukrainian song but with English lyrics.
Also the pizza guy prank (and hotel crew prank in the second movie) is freaking perfect. Who dreamed top re-create it in the real life too?
3- Favorite actors /actresses?
From actors I like Clark Gable, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Colin Firth, Richard Gere, Joe Pesci, Rob Schneider, David Schwimmer, Jared Leto and Arnold Schwarzenegger (though I still copied his last name from the Google, it's too hard for me).
From actresses - Audrey Hepburn, Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, Rachel McAdams, Blake Lively and Mila Kunis (and that she's Ukrainian too isn't a reason for it).
4- Most annoying actor/actress?
Nobody! Maybe Tom Cruise a little. I've seen a movie with him that I didn't like and after it he seems very strange and pretty scary for me.
I mean this movie:
5- Best director?
Any movie of Chris Columbus is great, also I like Tim Barton.
6- Favorite guilty pleasure film?
Jingle All The Way. One of the best ever!
7- Favorite tear jerker?
Hachiko! And Titanic!
8- Character from a movie that scared you the most?
I don't remember her name but she was in my nightmares every night during 3 years after I watched it. BUT! The ghost bride from Hey Arnold was the worst, I seriously don't know how many years I was scared of her! Probably from chilhood to middle teenage years.
9- Movie you love everyone hates?
Twilight. It's a really good fantasy movie, although has a few stupid moments, but still perfect to watch for teenagers. I only recently started to notice those stupid moments.
10- Movie you hate everyone loves?
50 shades of Grey. It's the worst movie I've ever watched.
It was even hard to find a normal GIF for this post.
11- Favorite movie duo?
Wet bandits.
12- Favorite animated movie?
Everything Pixar and Disney do. Too many of perfect cartoons. I love Shrek though.

13- Actor/actress crush?
They all are pretty, but mostly I have crushes on singers. But when I was a kid I was in love with Jack from Titanic and Kevin from Home Alone.
14- Favorite movie villain?
Can I count Severus Snape as a villain?

15- If you could only keep one movie what would it be?
To watch only one movie is so boring. I better would watch series then haha. Nobody said about regreting to watch shows!

16- Movie recommendation?
Recently I watched Adventures of Babysitting (1987) and that's amazing family comedy.

17- If you could go back in time and marry actor/actress from back?
Haha that's a funny question. Let it be Clark Gable or James Dean.
18- Favorite movie genre/favorite movie from that genre?
Family comedy and fantasy.


  1. Most Americans would believe that Mila Kunis was really American, but I heard she say she learned English from a game show with Bob Barker as he talked slowly enough to understand well.

    1. That because she moved when she was a kid so it seems like she was always on American TV, probably that's it.
      I never heard how she learned English, maybe I should try it too!

  2. One of my favorite actor is Tom Hanks. He's amazing! And I'm in love with Johnny Deep too!

  3. I loved this tag! I love Christmas movies, my tear-movie is Hachiko, always, and I loved all the actors and actresses you mention, Clark Gable being so amazing!I agree with youj about a movie you love and everybody hates - I love Twilight! And also one I hate (but I haven't watched it) and everybody loves :)


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