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Monday, September 4, 2017

Hopes for FALL 2017

My new favourite earring/cuff from

Necklace - chain is old and crystal from Born Pretty Store (LINK)

Good night friends! It's new season! Time for changes... I love to have goals for seasons, though to write just goals for a week is the best thing if you want to do everything. But this post isn't about it, as I had a lot of plans for summer but summer had its own plans for me, so 90% of summer I just needed to do boring businesses. Sometimes we can't decide everythig. So that are my hope for this new golden season.

☔ Hope I will get better very soon. I mean like in 2 days, I don't want to wait more haha. 
I just celebrated first day in school of my niece in a restoraunt for kids and I ate too much ice cream and drunk too much cold drinks while she was playing with other kids in their playroom.

☔ Hope I will do all this paper work this month before I'll have session in my University. 

☔ Hope I will have more time for me. I almost hadn't time on my own this summer.

☔ Hope I'll read books from my ''I really want to read this so much'' list. The same with movies / shows.

☔ Days are already colder, so it's cool weather to go somewhere. I want to go to some pretty places.

☔ Hope I'll pass exams fast after they will start. 

☔ To get my room back. I don't have it since spring. 

☔ Have fun during holidays.


  1. Your blouse, leggings, choker and earring/cuff all look beautiful, and you look beautiful wearing them. Your hair and lipstick look beautiful as well.


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