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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Hello guys! It's been a week since I posted the last time. It's was a very hard and crazy week. Everyday I needed to wake up early and run to offices and hospitals to do documents I need. In evenings I was mostly already free, but probably more sad than tired after an emotionally hard day, so I really didn't have inspiration to blog.
Pessimistic angry people were taking all my energy and inspiration for basically everything. Good thing is that I did all documents and I'm finally after a few months free... though now I should pass a bunch of exams but nothing scares me anymore. It can't be harder!
Yes, this year is the worst for blogging, but now I'll try harder, because making makes me happy. Anyway I have very big hope that since around the end of October this year will become as a normal year or good one, who knows? Maybe miracles will happen. 😉

Also today I wanted to make a little review about a beauty product from store I buy stuff from around two years or even more  - Born Pretty Store . There are a
lot of cool beauty products, things for house, accessories and not only.
But today I want to talk about an eyeshadow stick I use since August so I really have something to tell.
On the first photo you can see how a stick looks as an eyeshadow (I used as top layer on other eyeshadows and for corners of eyes I used only this stick) and a highlighter (when I'll edit other photos maybe I'll find one where shows how this highlighter works better). 
Actually I like this eyeshadow stick more as a highlighter. Cause as a highlighter it has a perfect brightness and for eyeshadow it's too light and transparent, but for corners is perfect too. 
It's have tiny sparkles and soft white colour. Easy for highlighting but if you want a bright eyeshadow even a few layers of it won't help, it will be still quite transparent. Also I love how it make other eyeshadows lighter and more shiny, it actually makes makeup look cutier.
It's long lasting too, I have glitters  in the morning even if I though I clean it in the evening.😃💖


  1. I hope you soon have everything ready, the exams and all and to have free soon! Yes, after a bad tiring day we get sad, but be happy, cause the end of October is near! I never had anything of Born Pretty store, but I am eager to, because I love highlighters or eye shadows that can be used so! Hope you have a beautiful evening!

  2. I hope you pass all you exams... for sure! I've no tried this eye stick but looks great!


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