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Friday, September 1, 2017

End of Summer Without Start

Necklace - chain is old and crystal from Born Pretty Store (LINK)

Hello guys recent two or three days I didn't write I was busy because my niece is going to the school for the first time, so whole family had businesses to do. And today was her first days of school. So cute... Can't believe it! Also another crazy thing about today that's 9th month of the year. What? 

I had so many plans for this summer. I thought this summer will be calm and I will have enough time for reading and being on nature... at least, for blogging. But nah, everyday I had businesses and was like never home. Not what imagined when was dreaming about summer.

Whole June I had session in my University. And even had exam in the last day of the month and July with August were spenting in hospitals. I needed to make documents. And whole September I still will be doing these documents.
And now summer 2017 is over. Ah.

What's about your summer? 


  1. I've enjoyed my summer but I feel like you. I wanted to do things that I didn't do it!

  2. Крутышка! А лето в этом году как-то особенно быстро закончилось.


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